Time away from the screens and crowds, just thinking, even daydreaming is good for your head.

They found that 20% of adults decide, mostly in their teens or 20s to be child-free and don’t change their minds.

Republicans who support Trump are seen as more conservative than those who don’t, even when their policies and plans are the same.

This lawyer looked into his state’s laws and found “militias” are breaking them.

This isn’t altogether new information, but the detail and the clarification of the consequences is new.

Another Art Posting

Tara Caribou – Cats and other critters

Raw Earth Ink

“All My Cats” by me (inspired by my friend and fellow author/blogger, Michael Raven)

Here’s a few pieces I’ve done this month, not including business artwork. Some of these are available for sale on my Society6 page, where you can get high-quality artwork printed on a variety of items such as phone covers, puzzles, mugs, wall art, rugs, clothing, and more!

Mixed-media art by me.

Mixed media by me.

July life update coming soon!

tara caribou | ©2022 all art by me.

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First, Jamie Raskin talks about the work of the 1/6 Committee and the danger that Trump and Trumpism (even without Trump) still pose. Then, how excessive heat effects the body and mind, even short of heat stroke illness, and how people in some places are trying to adapt to more heat.

If you say you were scared, you get to shoot somebody (and everybody knows how scary Black people are, but the legislators passing the laws don’t want to hear that part).

They did manage to prove how easy it is to get caught.

Just like the rest of us, judges often rely on Wikipedia. Could that be a problem?

A combination of over-confidence and (like most humans) being bad at estimating probabilities.

Being too sure of what the future holds can lead to bad decisions, even violence.

Call For Submissions: October Issue

A call for submissions from an excellent publication.

Parcham Online

Call For Submissions- October Issue

The world as we know it is for some time now been continually fraught with conflicts of different kinds. Ironically, with globalisation and social media, certain boundaries were meant to shrink. But instead, greater fractions and factions have appeared on the horizon, so much so, that most of us have not been home in the world. I am reminded of Salman Rushdie who, in one of his novels, cheekily complains that one might just draw a circle around her/him and call it “selfistan”. Borders that were supposed to have been effaced have reared their ugly head all over again.

It is this idea of “selfistan” that Parcham would like to explore in our forthcoming issue. How does one negotiate the notion of the “self”? What does it mean to you? Have we become more insular where every man/woman is an island? Is the idea of…

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