Red White and Blues

Tara Caribou – Out of the Blue

Raw Earth Ink

would have been, in days past, that the arguments and pain and hurtful words would have thrown me into a spiral. envisioning red ribbons across pale flesh and splashes of life (precious) dripping onto bathroom tiles. forget the sharp blade, I’d reach for the rusty one. or else a bottle of pills or worse. overcome with I-can’t-do-this-anymore’s and this-isn’t-worth-it’s. rocking back and forth, head tapping on the wall. give yourself a big hug before the end. tears, tears, tears.

enduring love which grows and doesn’t give up, deep friendship flowered and fostered, small hands with beautiful smiles. work. hard work. perseverance and hope. forgiveness and repentance pouring. and the act of creation. white pages first barren now filling, filling, absorbing, blotting, tearing, crumpling, bearing the bountiful burdens, never judging. pencil, pen, marker, paint, watercolor, acrylic, pastel. abstract, surrealism, realism, absurdism, comically ridiculousness, immature… but healing! oh how healing!

so that…

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