As obvious as the obstruction may be, to take a case to court you need proof. Well, it appears that The Former Guy’s lawyers, or at least one of them, may have lied in answer to more than one subpoena, thus becoming a co-conspirator. If she want to know where that can lead, she can ask Michael Cohen.

To give time or money, or money instead of time?

This is fun.

Making it cheap for people to take the bus and train instead of driving does cut carbon emissions.

Climate change breaks things, important things that make our modern life work.

WTF, Republicans?!? WTAF?!?

Calico Jack digs into how the GOP got so bad.

The Psy of Life

For those of us here in the land of the sane and rational, looking on at our fellows living in Trump’s nether regions or lost in the thicket of his cocks-comb-over can be a bewildering experience. It’s like being the only sober person at a frat party: you start to wonder what the fuck everyone else thinks is so gottamn funny and interesting when all it seems is stupid, futile, and disgusting.

Every now and again, someone sobers up, smears the puke on the front of their shirt, and breathes their nauseating fumes on you as they “explain” it all. There have been several refugees from the far hinterlands of Conservativelandia who have climbed out of their dens of inequity and arrived panting, sweating, and fearful in the land of HunhWTFareyouguysdoing to expose what is going behind the Confederate Flag Curtain they’ve erected between…

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Imposter in the house

Pattimouse – Imposter? Really?


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I recently joined a few writing discord channels. There was an article shared. It spoke about Vanity presses, small presses, and indie presses. It advised the author to avoid all three. I will link to the article…as it was an interesting read. It gave me a bit of an issue, however…as I run a small press. It spoke in the article about checking the education of those running the press…I am not classically educated. I could not afford college. I learned via free classes and reading everything I could get my hands on.

Soooo this article made me wonder when the writers in that discord would call me out for the imposter I know myself to be. I have been publishing for a decade…and I am still learning. I don’t do everything perfectly. No human does. I, personally, advise you to use common…

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This makes a good argument that prosecuting FOPTUS45 would actually calm some down, not bring on a general uprising.–it-will-lower-the-heated-political-temperature/

Truth struggling in an onslaught of lies.

This is about what WILL happen, not what might happen – faster sea level rise already baked in the pie.

And for a deep dive in how they figured it out, go here.