An amicus brief from 15 states in a suit against the Don’t Say Gay law lays out the dangers and harm that law will do very clearly.

It is hard to imagine a worse candidate seeking to run a state’s elections.

Some Republicans want to find and train candidates who will support democracy rather than subvert it. To which I have to say, better late than never.

This study finds that fake news can, repeated often enough, shift your thinking even when you know it is fake.

Whatever questions and concerns you may have about the DOJ investigation of 1/6, this piece has probably covered them all. It is long and in great detail, so you might want to read it in more than one sitting, and/or bookmark it for reference.

Biologists find that living systems aren’t all orderly and predictable all the time.

Is hydrogen a clean fuel? Well, that depends a lot on how you get it.

2 thoughts on “SCRAPINGS OF THE DAY

  1. And, this is how, those legislators, manipulate the systems, taking away, more of, the people’s, natural-born rights…and soon, nobody will be , “free”, no matter the race, age, gender, or, sexual, orientations…

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