Well, here’s an idea that would be a great relief to Julian Assange and kindle joy in the hearts of leaders and intelligence agents (spies) in many capitals, most, but maybe not all of them our competitors and adversaries. It is probably a mistake to drain the swamp when the alligators have been busy keeping the pirates away.

Wired provides a guide to the various classifications and types of documents that may be under discussion. It is actually quite interesting is a wonky kind of way.

Just hearing the facts, or reading them, seldom changes someone’s world view, but keeping an open mind is possible with practice.

Explaining consciousness with the theory of relativity? It’s not that strange when it is all about having a point of view.

What a person finds funny and their favored kind of humor to use can tell you something about their personality, at least when they are inclined toward the dark side.

Want to help make the environment healthier and more resilient? Send in the wolves and beavers.

The central valley of California is like a big, very big, bathtub with just one drain hole at the Golden Gate, and it has history of storms that can fill it up. More of those are increasingly likely.

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