Was Trump’s Horde of Secret Documents a Product of Executive Dysfunction?

Calico Jack – Mastermind, or messy toddler?

The Psy of Life

Since writing The Mysterious Case of the Narcissist and the Horde of Secret US Documents new reporting has surfaced — I KNOW, it’s been ONE day! — suggesting that Trump may not have known about the plethora of secret documents hidden away in his pool-side storage closet. Hunh. How is that possible?

If this reporting is to be believed, Trump’s horde of state secrets is all a product of his executive dysfunction, the inability to organize your life and regulate your emotions and other bodily functions. The opposite is executive functioning. We’ll summarize the reporting and then discuss.

Executive functionsconsist of several mental skills that help the brain organize and act on information. These skills enable people to plan, organize, remember things, prioritize, pay attention and get started on tasks. They also help people use information…

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