A conservative man uncomfortable with a woman speaking out. Are we surprised?

A variety of organizations are determined to support in a variety of ways women in need of abortion services where it is banned.

Authors versus publishers versus the Internet Archive.

Time was that we were all told that office jobs would always be safe from the robots. Guess what;

Charts and graphs of polling results over time that show movement away from Republicans and Trump.

It takes reliable electricity to run the networks. In Europe, that reliability is questioned.

A milestone reached, but not all the news is good.

At the top of Scandinavia, development is squeezing an iconic species and a hearding tradition.

Creative Intelligence and Generational Curses

Patimouse – The Family that swears together …


So my daughter and I were talking. I told her I was happy that she was comfortable enough when the kitchen flooded to cuss at me. To me that feels like she was able to express herself without worrying that I would be angry about it. I am big on self expression, which should surprise no one. She said that her therapist encouraged her to use whatever language she felt the need to express the thoughts in her head. *This is where I should note that we really don’t know any other language except American English. We know a few smattering of words in other languages, but not enough to be a fluency of it’s own…but swearing…well…yeah We swear like sailors around here. She mentioned that my mom had said that swearing shows a lack of intelligence. I so completely disagree. I think that it often is looked down upon…

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In this interview, Stacy Abrams talks of what is at stake in the race for Governor of Georgia.

It doesn’t have to be true. It doesn’t even have to make sense. Just repeat, repeat, repeat …

A comment in a phone call has not worked out well for this guy.–I-hate-a-black-f-king-Democrat-white-North-Carolina-sheriff-says-before-firing-Black-staff

Some are just following orders. Others are giving orders they don’t have to carry out.

Those who call themselves “incels” haven’t been much in the news for a while. Now they’re studied.

Whether or not you buy Bitcoin, it still costs you by way of the environment.

Climate change even attacks history.