There are both science and art to constructing polling questions so as to produce the results desired. In recent weeks, a lot of polls have shown Republicans gaining support and Democrats losing it. Beware of bias constructed polls.

Three facts about crime, poverty, and health care – who runs the states with the worst?

Will Elon save Twitter or wreck it, and what would either mean for the rest of us?

Are school shootings a mental health problem, or a reflection of social/political problems?

A new approach just might bring an age-old promise to reality. Maybe so, but we have heard that before. Time will tell.

A certain narrative has shaped understanding of the Green Revolution for a long time. It may have been based on a misunderstanding.

Ancient and traditional farmers may have had a better way.

Poetry Notes

Pattimouse – Books coming


Well I am surprised. Handprints is releasing November 18th. I have been writing in Thoughtcicles and I have found it is flowing. It is already at 50 out of the 70 poems. Doing the PAD challenge should have it ready for release by the end of November but I am covered up in book release stuff until after the first of the year. So I am likely to release it in January sometime.

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Google has talked well the talk of fighting disinformation, but maybe it is more profitable to not walk the walk.

FEAR and how it is stoked for ratings and politics; Your mind on horror; and Black Horror film history.

She is fighting imposing bail on people who can’t afford it and keeping them in jail when they don’t need to be there.

Vaping isn’t just harmless water vapor.

You can already run your leaf blower, string trimmer, chainsaw and more on one battery package. How about a motorcycle that instead of sitting and charging it, you just swap for a fresh battery and be on your way – way simpler to do with a bike than a car.

Our local NPR station, Blue Ridge Public Radio, did this excellent report of climate change in the Carolinas.

Forty Years

Tara Caribou – Long Love

Raw Earth Ink

Your name rests upon my lips
Gentle and delicate
And completely at home
Breathing out, you become a whisper
Breathing in, you intoxicate me
Whispers and heady rushes cascade
Across my skin
I’ve become alive and real
Swallowing you, my belly swells
For you are my manna and sweet honey
I am completely satisfied by you
And I now have no more reason to wander

tara caribou | ©2019-2022

Read more like this in my books four and euphoria in blue [dreams]

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