Tuesday Tunes

Pattimouse – A song and a life


A day for me to discuss music


I break the ice
So they don’t see my size
And I have to be nice
Or I’ll be the next punchline

I’m just the best friend in Hollywood movies
Who only exist to continue the story
The girl gets the guy while I’m standing off-screen
So I’ll wait for my cue to be comedic relief

Can’t be too loud
Can’t be too busy
If I don’t answer now, are they still gonna need me?
Can’t be too proud
Can’t think I’m pretty
Do they keep me around, so their flaws just seem silly?

I say I’m okay
‘Cause they wouldn’t care anyway
And I could try to explain
But my efforts in vain
They can’t relate to how I’ve

Drawn out in Sharpie where I take the scissors
If that’s what it took for me to look in the mirror

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