Mr. Trump’s claims of Executive Privilege go as far beyond any former upheld claim by a President (let alone a former one) as one might expect of his extreme narcissism and legal jeopardy, but the problem goes deeper than that.

The crux of the matter here seems to be that if you happen to be an attorney, but are working for or assisting someone in some other capacity, not hired by them as an attorney representing them, none of what you did, talked with them about, or witnessed is covered by Attorney-Client Privilege.–and-says-shes-willing-to-cooperate-with-doj-in-mar-a-lago-case-report/

The science of blood types is way more complicated than most of us ever thought, and rare cases reveal new possibilities.

It remains to be seen what new insights so much data of mouse neurons in action may reveal.

Perhaps market based solutions are not the best way to deal with climate change. This author has definite opinions about that.

Strange things are happening where the sea is very hot.

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