HASTY – One for a friend


A blogging friend passed away before Thanksgiving after a long hard fight with Cancer. He liked this poem I wrote about the life cycle of depression and it seemed a good one to say goodbye with. My prayers of comfort and peace for his wife.

RIP Dennis McHale.

Earth dropped away from feet long gone

No more structure or truth to rely on

I knocked on the doors of a million stars

Begging them to let me in

To light my path, give me a place to begin

But then the stars fell away into a dark sea

And tidal waves of gravity pulled at me

It’s consuming presence began to shove

And I wondered what more I was made of

A part of nothingness, no place to go

My absurd imagination is all I know

My ending soaked up everything

Until I gave into its melancholy flow

And then…

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Herein is a fascinating tale of how the extremely wealthy work to keep public lands away from the public, how some hunters found a way around it, and a rick guy trying to close that door with a law suit.


Don’t look for COVID-19 information on Twitter anymore (If you ever did). Fact checking on that subject is over.


They spent years cozying up to conservative SCOTUS justices to encourage them to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Rules in various states are very different on the subject of teaching sex-ed, and some states are changing the rules. So, where is a kid to turn to try to get the real scoop?

It turns out that the bacteria that causes Leprosy has other peculiar talents which if it can be understood how it does them, could point the way to medical breakthroughs.


over the river & through the woods

EMJE – Holidays

Quixotic Mama

to candice, thanksgiving had become a torturous holiday of infighting, smoke filled rooms, droning televisions, & overcast skies inside & out.
food the color of the carpeting in her maternal grandmother’s sad apartment.
uncomfortable silences and meals that sat heavy long after thankfulness was forgotten.
all her boyfriends took it personally that she would not follow them on their annual treks to the houses of relatives who would make jokes at someone else’s expense causing candice to flinch from her invisible corner as some of the barbs (i’m just joking! can’t you take a joke?) hit a little too close to home.
candice dreamed of a day that the third week of november would blend seamlessly into the rest of late fall, no longer poking at the scars of her so-far survival.

so i have some thanksgiving baggage. i stopped going to my family thanksgivings as soon as i was…

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