Learning my new camera

Tara Caribou – new camera, so, great photos

Raw Earth Ink

I’m playing around with my new camera when I have a few minutes here and there. While I have a ton of stuff to learn with all the settings, I’m enjoying the experience with a lot more failures than successes at the moment. Here are few from recent days….

Definition on the volcano.

About 75 miles away… I’ve never been able to see this mountain before in such detail.

First real snow of the year and we get 8-inches in about one day.

One brave bunny breaks the trail.

This won’t be my backyard for much longer.

Puffball babies soaking up the sun.
(taken through the window)

Another puffball.
(taken through window)

Alaska has one kind of mouse and this is it.
Meadow jumping mouse.
(taken through window)

Those little paws…

Regal & majestic.
I like the snowflakes on his fur.

Pygmy shrew.

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