tender toes

EMJE – Break time

Quixotic Mama

is it today?
not today
maybe tomorrow
you can pull yourself
pull yourself
by your bootstraps
maybe tomorrow
you can stop
today brings
heavy hearts
& tender toes
but tomorrow
could be golden.

i learned in a writing workshop something i knew instinctively: sometimes you have to just sit back & not write
“procrastination” is part of the process of creation. that slow simmer…percolating….
i would do it too when i was studying for a test. i would stop when i felt full & just let all the information i had been inhaling settle…digest….
i can only assume it is the same with healing. sometimes you just have to put yourself on the back burner and not think about it. not worry about it. just sit quietly.
even if your brain is screaming at you for it. telling you you’re doing it all…

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