Content moderation at Twitter is pretty close to non-existent. As a side note about Twitter and Musk, speculations are beginning to appear that he is destroying it on purpose. The reasons guessed vary.

I haven’t seen this show, but from the description here, this guy seems to be trying to revive the stories of Atlantis or some other supposed very ancient lost civilization. Anyway, he is very, very angry at “mainstream archaeology”.

It is intuitively easy to connect harsh or manipulative parenting with later depression. This article explores how that may happen at the level of changing genetic expression.

This is an odd finding, that children who question their gender identity tend to enter puberty earlier than those who do not. The how and why of that have yet to be studied, but the authors call on medical and psychological practitioners to be alert to the pattern.

Much of our moral thinking and decision making involves the balance between self-interest and group-interest. Game theory helps explain how setting the group over the self interest can actually advance self-interest and confer evolutionary advantage.

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