What is the problem that Republicans have with public educations? They are many. Historically and by design, public eucation serves two main functions. One is the social, economic, and political assimilation of immigrants and their children. The other is the social mobility of marginalized populations. Those who see themselves as the natural elites of the society want to keep them in their places. Then, there is simply the profit motive.

About once a week , maybe more often, we are seeing opinion pieces on how the Democrats can win the 2024 elections so decisively as to be able to say of the current incarnation of the GOP. “stick a fork in it, it’s done.”–and-vote-the-into-extinction/

They were going to finance businesses opposing the “woke agenda”. It hasn’t worked out that way.

It is not all Android phones, just some, but they need critical update that are not getting done.

I had not herd the term “plant blindness” before. But thinking about this, I relaize there are a lot of plants I see on mu walks of which I don’t know the names.

This study demonstrates something we generally know. Time with dogs is good for us.

Turning the residual oil and gas in worked out wells into hydrogen with the help of bacteria seems like a winner, but it also produces CO2 which has to be dealt with. Also, The pipes and pumps for collecting oil and gas fro those wells are notoriously leaky, and hydrogen, the smallest atom and molecule leaks so much more easily.

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