The Club Q Mass Shooting and the Causes of Violence

Calico Jack – Why violence?

The Psy of Life

We have had another large-scale mass shooting this week to complement all the small-scale mass shoortings and just regular old garden-variety gun homicides and suicides. This mass shooting was at a gay bar in Colorado Springs that was fixing to hold a drag show and it was Trans Day of Remembrance.

The shooter was the grandson of a former California state senator who is a Big Liar and 6 January insurrectionist. He had threatened his mother with a pipe bomb among other weapons, got into a stand off with police over it, whiteraculously wasn’t shot, in fact, he was never prosecuted for it. Hunh.

Because El Paso, County Colorado where the shooting took place and the shooter lived is a Second Amendment Sanctuary City, the sheriff’s office proudly and loudly refuses to enforce Colorado’s red flag laws, which would’ve taken…

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