On The Media explores the connection between anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and the Club Q shooting. And then, how talk radio got so bad (Hint – $)

Teri Kanefield considers why social media have such a hard time functioning as an effective public square in a democracy, and how they might be fixed, or, at least improved.

Male wolves infected with toxcoplasmosis are 47 times more likely that the uninfected to leave their birth packs and become leaders in other packs. The how and why, and what sort of leaders they become are yet to be discovered, but that is a huge effect from a microscopic parasite. I looked up the symptoms of the infection in humans. Most show no symptoms and many experience a flu-like episode, but there was nothing about cognitive or personality change.

When listening to a melody, our brains are busy predicting the next note. That has a lot to do with what we find interesting.

I always try to balance the climate bad news with some good news. This is the very bad for today.

And, this is the good, or at least hopeful for the day.

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