Books upcoming, and a new Start.

Pattimouse – Books on the way


Thoughtcicles will release In January and since I am so very close to finishing with Ethereal Dreams I will be looking at trying to get it published by the end of February (link to come) (I am still 5 poems from finishing it but I should be able to get them done this week) That being said…I always pick my next volume before I get the current one done. I have for the last 3 asked for opinions…but this time this cover has me obsessed. I am hoping to be able to release at least a couple of volumes in 2023, but I don’t want to go making any promises.

Fae Corps is going to be busy. We have 2 anthologies planned, at least one book from DW Storer, a book from Raz T Slasher (maybe more than one), a book from Ruan Bradford Wright, and I have a children’s…

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happy new year!

EMJE – On to the new year

Quixotic Mama

surviving 2022
a broken knee
a broken heart
and a pile of rejections
from potential employers, past lovers, & literary agents
the year finally ending
in a car crash on an icy road
so much of my year spent
trapped (literally & figuratively)
alone (mostly emotionally)
fuck me
i hope 2023
is kinder.

“two if by sea” mixed media on 9X12 watercolor paper…$75

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As We Close This Year 2022

Tara Caribou reviews a year of reading and publishing.

tara caribou

Dear friends,

Here we are again, at the end of another year. For some it was battles won and lost, new experiences, and a glimmer of hope. For me, as I mentioned in my most recent update, I have grown emotionally, spiritually, and even physically (with my new house and property). Lots more good things coming!

Raw Earth Ink signed seven authors, all of which were such a pleasure to work with and I’ve listed them below for ease, if you’re interested in checking their books out. I also started the imprint Wild Badger Books for non-fiction and children’s books, the first of which you will be hearing about very soon.

Over on Instagram, I shared some of the books I read this past year so here they are for you too. Most of these I’ve written reviews for, which can be found on Goodreads. At the end of…

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If you are getting your wi-fi through a Netgear router it is time to check whether it is one of the models that needs this update.

It is not uncommon for people with severe depression to also fall into conspiratorial beliefs. This study found that combination to be strongly associated with approval of political violence, including the January 6th events at the Capitol.

The creators of the Mastodon social network have put up the NOT FOR SALE sign.

The Huns invaded and raided in Europe in the late 4th Century and into the 5th Century. Drought in their homeland may have been part of the reason.

Forest restoration is a major environmental activity across the tropics. Some efforts are being more successful than others. What are the lessons to be learned?