If there is a perfect example of establishing a privilege to destroy anything that might someday become evidence of crime, including conspiracy and sedition, this would be it.

The tobacco companies tried to claim that their advertising which denied or played down the health dangers of smoking when they knew the truth, was protected as free speech. That argument didn’t work for them. Now the fossil fuel companies who knew the danger of their products to the climate are trying the same claim of free speech. It should not work for them either.

The percentage distribution of LGBTQ orientations is not uniform across the population. This study finds variation related to parental income and apparently related prenatal hormone balances in the children. Did I hear somebody say, “Born that way!”?

Common antidepressants are found to facilitate bacteria evolving antibiotic resistance.

New York City will shut down it’s largest fossil fueled power plant and use wind generated power instead. That is actual progress.

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