Tuesday Tunes

Pattimouse – a song of being human


A day for me to discuss music


I can’t still remember me and Miss November Rain
Beautiful and strange
Always so inclined, coloring outside the lines
Yeah, you were never on time

You’ve always been slightly awkward, kinda weird
Upside down and not all here
What’s a-wrong with me and you is crystal clear

Sometimes I’m in a room where I don’t belong
And the house is on fire and there’s no alarm
And the walls are melting too
How about you?
I’ve never been the favorite, thought I’d seen it all
‘Til I got my invitation to the lunatic ball
And my friends are comin’ too
How about you?
Don’t worry, it’s all just a symptom of being human

Unpack all your baggage
Hide it in the attic, where
You hope it disappears
This all seems so familiar
But it doesn’t feel like home
It’s just another unknown

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Does it matter to the future of education how the Supreme Court might rule in a law suit from a Christian charter school which operates on public money about its dress code for girls? The writer of this piece makes a case that it could matter a lot, even just the fact that the high court would even hear the case matters.


Hidden Brain takes on happiness and ways of getting it do and don’t work.

Living in air pollution, it turns out, can increase a person’s odds of getting Parkinson’s Disease.

The CDC warns that broadly antibiotic resistant Shigella infections are increasing.

We’ve seen a lot of reports about the West Antarctic glaciers melting faster. Satellites are watching and the report includes time lapse photos in which you can watch a glacier in motion to the sea.

thoughts on goddesses and monsters

EMJE – Goddesses, Monsters, and no princess

Quixotic Mama

a rant/essay inspired by books about wild women

am i a creation goddess or a destruction goddess? am i both? is there a difference?

i put “wild women” into the search on my library’s website and got a variety of results.

one book of wild women were nature writers. why did they feel so tame to me? maybe because they were just reporting. influencing but not doing? was i jealous that i never pursued a career in the natural world? or is it the fact that even though i identify as wild (feral at the very least) i do not identify as a women? (or is it that i don’t identify as feminine?) and often find myself annoyed by the more frivolous characteristics of women?

another book of “wild” women was a random collection of quotes. as soon as i read a quote indicating that women who don’t wear makeup…

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