Teri Kanefield announces a soon to be published book and provides a preview in the form of a brief review of the history of the political use of disinformation going back to 500BC.

Speaking of the use of lies, some January 6 defendants told judges how sorry they were and now sing a different tune. Some judges are angry.

If you build a machine that can make decisions and actions that you cannot control or predict, are you still morally and ethically responsible for what it does?

Somewhat surprisingly, it turns out that nearly all of the most watched Tik-Tok videos with medication abortion information are factual and accurate. The caution, of course is that is most, but not all.

Sepsis harms in two ways. There is the infection itself, and then there is the overreaction, the inflammation, of the immune system. One is treated with antibiotics. The other is now found to be able to be treated with certain cancer drugs. The combination is claimed to have much better outcomes.

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