National Poetry Month and Other Shenanigans

Pattimouse has a busy month ahead.


Okay, April is a crazy month for me. Oh boy I am a busy bee….I have a full publishing slate.

(Mar 31 The key of the Storm , Apr 7 Internal Battlefields, Apr 14 Valley of Thoughts, Apr 21 State of Mind )

I always do the PAD Challenge myself. Plus I host a PAD challenge on the Fae Corps Blog

So I have scheduled a Poem A Day on here just in case I don’t get to do any other blogging. No commentary…just poetry by wonderful poets whom I enjoy. I hope to be able to post my own poetry throughout the month and maybe do some of my regular posts as well. I do not know.

I will be trying to be popping in and trying to discuss things as I can, but I at least wanted to keep my blog active while I am so…

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