Christine Ray – Floating

Brave & Reckless

waters rose
‘round me
so gradually
so soothingly
I barely noticed
when gentle lapping
against bare toes
became insistent
nudging of knees
with a feeling
that could be described
I let it gently
close over my head
abandoning myself
to bob
beneath the surface
from time to time
angel fish whisper
to me
I fight to emerge
filling lungs
painful gasp
after painful gasp
with undiluted broadcasts
eyes assaulted by
unfiltered headlines
ears tormented
by buzz of a million
angry hornets
it does not
take very long
until I embrace
drift back watery depths
unexpectedly grateful
to find gills have grown
along my ribs
brightly colored fish
who do not
know the world
of men
entwined in my
seaweed hair
who dart
who play

© 2020 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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The Politics of Framing and the Framing of Politics

The framing of a message establishes its context, and the context is the message.

O Society

by Thomas Klikauer and Nadine Campbell edited by O Society May 21, 2020

We know how a frame works in picture framing, how to make one using carpentry, and we also know the frame in which a picture is placed can influence how we see a picture. Well, virtually the same thing applies to politics.

The way in which politics is framed can influence how we perceive politics. Social scientists have known about this for a long time. A simple example shows how framing works:

Group 1 is told crime is like a lurking predator which is increasing in number in neighborhoods.

Group 2 is told crime is like a virus infection which is increasing in number in neighborhoods.

If crime is a predator, the natural response is to hunt it down. The first group accordingly opts for stronger law enforcement. On the other hand, if crime is a virus…

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To all but I

TheFeatheredSleep – memory held & memory discarded


Two naked women - I am author of this imageThat silence you hold around you like a mink

is just a stuffed head with loose teeth

meant to rattle on long voyages

if you had the guts to take them.

Do not go beyond, to that infernal

evocation where haunted,

camouflaged people trade real glass

for plastic and suck deeply on

the opiate pipe.

Stay here, pealing as we are, beneath onslaught

Et je fus plein alors de cette vérité

possessing real in hyssop, amaryllis and anise

you say it’s getting late, I say it’s still

early enough

people fall away like pealing clementines

at Christmas, tossing orange skirts on

low fire, see them eaten by flame, till

blackened over, their pride is absorbed.

You climb winding steps away, concertinaed

in your certainly we are ruled by time

reducing from me in sleep

tucking the parts of you filled with shame

like moths will beat and beat and beat

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This dance is for the dead

TheFeatheredSleep – A desire unfulfilled


NatalieWood-731wWould that you would stay

would that you were ever mine

would that you knew how

you strip and stir those tender passions

sterile of any other life

I am blackened with desire for you

I am white with inordinate stifle

see the end of the bottle how it glistens?

With promise and her velvet touch she


turn to me, burn with me, set me alight

leave me wrecked on your shore, blistering

this is why I breathe, to end in your gaze

this is why I ache, to imagine just a glance

this is why I die, to lose you without ever


there’s the rest and there’s one girl

she’s a woman, she’s rage, she’s not gentle

she can’t be caged or capitulated

the stroke of her fingers on metal

she’s tearing you up with her untouchable ways

ruining others, for they seem tame

comparison is the…

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Flowers grown in dark

TheFeatheredSleep – Consumed and persisting


close up of red rose on black background Photo by Pixabay on

For so long I learned how

to unlearn living

taking from myself the stuffing of hope

letting it sink into water

to become sea dragon.

For so long I learned how

to unravel my sense of self

until she splayed like un-knotted parts

lost to sense, blown away

by wind and rain.

It is hard for me you see,

to understand the codes others live by

grasp a secret language of self-worth

belief in the core, where others cultivate

confidence or ego in neat parcel.

I had instead, a drive-through approach


leave the oven open

for patients to escape the asylum.

I was born a weed

between dirty post-war concrete

little watered, little attended to

I grew and persevered alongside

dog piss and empty coke cans

my color brighter than the cultivated plants

in your garden for my contrast to

yellowed grass much bleached…

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The Truth is Out There: Trump Still gets the Benefit of the Doubt?

Calico Jack – To believe or not believe?

The Psy of Life

I’m astonished by the fact that people still believe the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and that he has any credibility or influence over anyone supporter, opponent, or iNdEpEnDeNt. I have long since trained myself to assume everything he says is a lie. But reporters and everyday Americans continue to give him the benefit of the doubt. What could possibly explain this? One things: social norms. He benefits from his office in spite of his individual behavior. I had to train myself — an act of conscious will and discipline — to stop believing him. Others aren’t willing to engage in the process and still give him the benefit of the doubt because people are hardwired to believe and follow normative behavior.

Let me give an amusing anecdote to help illustrate my point.

Amusing Illustrative Anecdote

When I was a freshman in university, I had lunch with friends at the school cafeteria…

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Musings from the Void: Descent into Life

Jan Malique – There are scams and there is Truth.

Strange Goings On In The Shed

IMG_20200503_203157940_HDR Image: © Jan Malique, 2020

Am I being a little presumptuous calling this post “Musings from the Void”?

It feels a little like we’re ensconced in that mysterious space, a place where all happens and nothing. What’s happened since the His Nibs weighed the Heart on the Scales of Ma’at, weighed my Heart? Soon after the event I received a phishing email, a particularly unpleasant one. The contents including what may have been one of my old bank account passwords, they stated my contacts list was in their possession, etc. Essentially they were using scare tactics to blackmail and demand money. It was duly forwarded to the National Cyber Security Centre. I was advised by Fraud Action they had received numerous calls regarding the receipt of such emails, to forward them to the NCSC and ignore them, these threats were baseless. It was upsetting but also kicked my anger into…

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Resources for an indie publisher

Pattimouse on indie publishing


Newbies at indie publishing all seem to be looking for the same thing. How do I do this? Where can I do that? Most of the answers are simple, but if you don’t know them, it can be overwhelming.

First thing… Where do you publish? Well I recommend two places. First place Amazon. Now neither of the places I recommend have upfront cost. There are legit publishing places (ingramspark) that charge for the printing. However I don’t think that is a good thing. Anyplace you have to pay for the ability to publish your books really feels like a scam to me. Now I am going to recommend a place where you can publish to Amazon, and when you can use it is far easier… But Amazon is incredibly picky. I have had Amazon block some of my books on this other site only to allow me to publish…

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I just saw my teenage self on Youtube!

LuckyOtter – Taken by memories by surprise

Lucky Otters Haven

That’s me in 1975 (on the right)

I’ve heard other people talk about stuff like this happening to them, but I never dreamed it would happen to me.   I always thought it would be the most surreal and cool experience, and last night I found out just how true that is.

As many of us are doing with so much free time, I’ve been browsing the internet a lot.   And as many other people probably do, sometimes I put names of people I know or used to know in my Google browser and see what comes up.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve Google’d this particular ex boyfriend’s name, but this time certainly was the most fruitful!   I dated this guy, let’s call him Steven, for about a year and a half from 1974 to 1976.  That’s a really long time ago, long enough that memories of that time have…

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