This Election is full of Bullshit

Devon listened to some candidates and was not pleased.

Devon J Hall

“People are homeless because of Drug addiction and Mental Illness”

Sargy Chima

Nothing pisses me off more than people who don’t have a fucking clue as to what the hell they are talking about. Sargy Chima used to volunteer at my old workplace, which means she was surrounded by homelessness and she learned nothing. These were her words last night at the All Candidates meeting at SFU which in my humble opinion was grossly under attended.

The number 1 leading causes of homelessness is unaffordable housing. I’ve worked with people who are living in poverty, living with drug addiction and mental health issues for most of my life. Many of the people we served did have issues with mental health and drug addiction but many of them just couldn’t afford to find a place to live.

We had one woman and her husband living in our shelter all through the…

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Conversations with a Slave

Devon learns something about a friend, and then something different.

Devon J Hall

If you know nothing about me, know first and foremost that I cherish my friends. My friends whether they are someone I’ve met in person or someone who lives on the other side of the planet, are the people who inspire me. Who push me to work harder so that one day I can go have my adventures in all the places that I’ve heard about.

Which is why when several years ago as one would be friend confided into me that she is a Slave who refers to her life partner as Master I admit…something inside of me died a little bit.

I have to tell you that when Lina first told me she was a slave I wasn’t thinking about her or her wellbeing. I was thinking about the hundreds of thousands of women and men who had spent generations fighting for the rights and freedoms of women. My…

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Yesterday, Tuesday, I went to the eye doctor to have the cataract that’s been developing in my left eye looked at. As I expected, considering how much of a problem it has become, the verdict is that it needs to be removed. And, although it hasn’t been obvious from the inside yet, the same process has started in the right eye too. So, we will be scheduling the surgery, first on the left, and then a few weeks later, on the right. I won’t go into the details of the procedure, but it is done as outpatient and is considered one of the most common and low risk surgeries. I’m not too freaked out about it so far since I’ve been expecting it to be needed for some time.

The thing that is currently worrisome is transportation. The doctor’s office and the hospital for the surgery (they are next to each other) are 40 miles (64 Km) from home and driving home after the surgery and to and from the followup the next day would be a really bad idea. Its not general anesthesia, but they do give a sedative to relax you, and I remember when I had Xanax for oral surgery and how loopy that was. Besides, driving does work best if the driver can actually see. So, I have to get that figured out once I have the dates and times. That’s the real challenge. As one who has always preferred the role of care giver, the idea of asking friends and acquaintances to volunteer to drive feels strange. There are other options, but somehow it also feels important to allow that vulnerability.

PedoSexual Is not a Thing You Should Be Fighting For

Devon is clearly, and loudly not in favor of the sexual abuse of children. There are triggers here.

Devon J Hall

You know by now that as a child I was convinced that I was going to hell, because I was sexually victimized by a man in his thirties. I was told by a Priest that it didn’t matter that I hadn’t wanted it, that I was not interested in losing my virginity, I was now tainted and was going to hell.

Now there are some people in the world that would say he was full of shit because I was just a child, a victim and no man or woman has the right to sexualize a child.

There are others however that swear by their “sexual freedom” and proclaim that they have the right to sexualize anyone they want, including a child. I was going to leave this for a Tuesday Blog post because I’ve already written one this week but now I’ve seen something that makes me feel so…

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Chasing Twilight

Nicole with a poem – qualities of light

The Lithium Chronicles

Twi Picture source: Pinterest

We went to bed
in the cruelest
hoping to wake
to beautiful
And I suppose
the way
twilight crept
through gauzy drapes
and cracked glass
to lay its cool
over sleepy eyes, held
a particular beauty.
For when
dawn called
through torn drapes
and shattered glass
to lay its tired
over wounded eyes,
we yearned
to chase twilight
into the cruelest
places, again.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

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Lovely Lady Lumps

Devon on lumps and related feelings and thoughts

Devon J Hall

Screenshot_4It was just two days ago when Kim Rhodes, a TV Superhero asked if finding a lump always meant something bad. I respect Kim and so I told her to see a doctor…thankfully she was already on the ball.

It was because Kim asked this question that I decided to tell my doctor I had found some lumps of my own and ask if I should be concerned. As it turns out, I have reason to be concerned. More importantly, my doctor is concerned. Not just at the fact that there are lumps…but that there are clusters of them.

We don’t know if they are cancerous, but he’s expecting surgery to remove them at the very least. So right now I am waiting to have a mammogram.

Anyone who has been born with female genitalia more so than men (it’s more common in women so don’t get pissy) understands exactly what…

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I didn’t see the bear. It came either late yesterday evening or very early, about dawn, this morning. I’ve been putting out bird seed on the flat rocks on these walls, and some gets down in the cracks between them. The bear went looking for that food. This is the second time, and id did even more damage the other time last year. The ruler in the pictures is 4 feet long (1.2 meter) to give an idea of the size of the rocks. Bears are strong. I might need a new plan for the bird food.