If you get emails that look like they come from GEEK SQUAD about billing you for renewal of your subscription (whether or not you actually have one):





I’m getting more than one a day now from different addresses and giving different prices supposedly being charged. I have never done business with Geek Squad.


Legal team Trump loses another round trying to delay the process.

If the Republicans get control of the House Of Representatives next year, they know little if any of their legislation will survive a filibuster in the Senate or a Biden veto. So, they will be all about investigating anything and everybody they can think of. It is already a long list.

“Digital privacy invasion isn’t just a consumer protection issue. It’s inextricably linked to equality, with urgent implications for women and minorities.”

The good stuff in these goodies has a strange property, working best in a middle size dose.

A disease that often has few obvious symptoms can have effects on thinking and feeling.

Peace through free trade? Oops, it doesn’t work, never has.


Mr. Trump’s claims of Executive Privilege go as far beyond any former upheld claim by a President (let alone a former one) as one might expect of his extreme narcissism and legal jeopardy, but the problem goes deeper than that.

The crux of the matter here seems to be that if you happen to be an attorney, but are working for or assisting someone in some other capacity, not hired by them as an attorney representing them, none of what you did, talked with them about, or witnessed is covered by Attorney-Client Privilege.–and-says-shes-willing-to-cooperate-with-doj-in-mar-a-lago-case-report/

The science of blood types is way more complicated than most of us ever thought, and rare cases reveal new possibilities.

It remains to be seen what new insights so much data of mouse neurons in action may reveal.

Perhaps market based solutions are not the best way to deal with climate change. This author has definite opinions about that.

Strange things are happening where the sea is very hot.

Time to begin again

Pattimouse -loss & change


Let me preface this by saying that I don’t know what I am changing yet…if anything. I am entering a little bit of a restructuring of my own life and social media. I still plan on being here. I am still me. However, I recently broke ties to a friend of over a decade. This has been coming for the past year. It should surprise no one.

I don’t know if I have anything to change, however a decade of shared speces and shared faces means that I at the very least have to consider the change… and the backlash it will have on the people around me. Though I share easily my life here, I don’t feel like I should be pointing fingers at others and writing their sins. What is toxic to me may not be to them. We can each only tell our own truth… whatever that…

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