Jan Malique – “Does the Self need to be found if it was never lost?”


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“Someday, somewhere – anywhere, unfailingly, you’ll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”
― Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda was a keen observer of human nature don’t you think? This wry quote is infused with such a bittersweet note. The relationship with oneself can be fraught with difficult emotions and perceptions.

Some of us spend years burying who we are with masks that eventually form a hard carapace. Let me put this to you, how would you react meeting your present self? Not an easy question to answer if you had to be honest I suspect.

abstract-1292269__480 MDARIFLIMAT at Pixabay 

Practicing self-honesty is an interesting exercise.

Additionally, the difficulty of accepting what can be perceived as ‘dark’ within ourselves can throw further obstacles on the path. Without the canvas of a night sky how can we appreciate the…

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Hasty – the connected dots


There is a line

A small one

Little dots


Our thoughts

Our good ones

Our bad ones

Those that cry

Those that laugh

Those that rage

A constellation

Of ideas

Of memories

Of reasoning

That create

The person

We become

That line

Is who we are

*Depression is a terrible thing. It’s as if you are the minder and keeper of your thoughts one moment and the next this line is broken and the dots are scattered and you are left with only smudges and blurs to navigate through. The dots get connected wrong and the whole world looks different.

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Dear Media: Stop Sanitizing Rape and Rape Culture

At Drifting Through – The power of words and words of power

Drifting Through

“A lie can travel around the world and back again, while the truth is lacing up it’s boots.” – Mark Twain

Words have power. They ignite revolutions, start wars, or they calm tensions. Words can enlighten, or they can spread dangerous lies. Societies have risen and fallen based on words alone.

Which is why the words the news media chooses are so important.

The media’s ability to frame the issues and the influence they have on our public consciousness is unmatched. Why else would political campaigns spend millions on messaging? Why else would autocrats go to great lengths to control the media? The news media is the fourth estate, an institution in our country. So powerful, it’s considered a check on political power.

And nowhere is their power and influence more constant and enduring – no matter the season, the year, the decade –  than when reporting on rape and…

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At The Bipolar Writer, Revenge of Eve brings a song of a warrior.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Her walk some consider a flaunt

Posture like that of a ballerina

A look of confidence masks her truth

Up close you will see the tremble of her hands

If you dare look her in the eye,

intensity becomes visual

Unpenetrable wall hides her pain

Her soul broken in innocence


Her life sentence

From the inside, she cries

Suited up in armor to face each day

Baring weight

Is a life of struggle her fate?

An internal debate

Wrapped in a nice package

disguising her lethal contents

A fuse only she can extinguish
Carving a path for herself
Shredding what is in the way
Like a hurricane
Labeled insane
They have no insight into the insurmountable pain
She hears the chatter and soon realizes, it doesn’t matter
For it is her who controls her destiny
Accepting nothing less than wholeness
She brave the stillness
Silence sheds light…

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These 7 Traits Make You Vulnerable to Narcissistic Manipulation

LuckyOtter links to a cautionary article

Lucky Otters Haven

This article is a must read for empaths and HSPs, and anyone vulnerable to narcissistic abuse:

These 7 Traits Make You Vulnerable to Narcissistic Manipulation

By Kim Saeed

Comments here have been turned off.  Please leave comments under the original post.

She also has a great site!  Be sure to visit.

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Hasty – parenting


I watch you growing up

And I find myself alone

Begging for the strength

To one day let you go

To watch you walk away

No more bedtime stories

No more skinned knees

No more “but mom please”

I didn’t know…

I’d run out of time so soon

That you’d be mindlessly

Saying goodbye each day

As you run to your friends

As you stop saying “love you”

I didn’t know…

We’d grow apart like this

That we’d fight about things

About being kinder

About respect and love

About gratefulness

And having patience

Or having compassion

I didn’t know…

It would be this hard

To let you find yourself

To let you become you

Into you without me

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Well of Inspiration: Evolution of an Idea

Jan Malique – An encounter at the well


circe-invidiosa-john-william-waterhouse-1.jpg!pinterestsmall Circe Invidiosa, John William Waterhouse, 1892, Wikiart

Another post for 2019, which isn’t bad going considering the inclination to write was rock bottom at the end of last year. The waters of my creative Well had become muddied and unusable. A sad state of affairs but it happens, and passes with time. I even considered taking a long break from the blog, to deal with the lack of enthusiasm and frustration. These feelings had a lot to do with state of health than anything else. A rest was necessary, primarily to shut out debilitating, toxic noise and human encounters.

A Call Is Heard

What now? My Well is being fed by deep, underground springs, and I’m answering the call of the One-Eyed One again. You know, the Norse god Odin. There have been many occasions over the years where I’ve questioned his presence in my life. I barely knew anything…

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We are being held hostage here in the former “Land of the Free.”

LuckyOtter – Hostages – Can there be such a thing as national Stockholm Syndrome?

Lucky Otters Haven


Trump is holding hardworking government employees (and people doing contract work for the government) hostage until he gets the money to build his useless, destructive, and racist wall. Only a sociopath without empathy or a conscience would punish innocent people because he can’t get his way.    These are not the tactics of any democracy, but are the ones used by tin pot dictators in backwards banana republics.   As for the shutdown, there’s no end in sight.   As usual, the spoiled toddler in the Oval Office is digging his heels in deeper, folding his fat, sluglike arms arrogantly across his puffed up chest, and holding his breath like a bratty two year old until he gets his wall.   He cannot and will not compromise because working with others cooperatively is not in his nature.     Attacking and demonizing when he doesn’t get his way is.

We are becoming a shithole…

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Is This Seat Free?

Jan Malique – Visitors


I was going to call this post “a date with destiny”, but that seemed a tad overstated. Why destiny? It’s been several weeks since His Nibs and I have spoken to each other. That’s not unusual where our relationship is concerned. He usually makes an appearance when there are important things afoot. New followers of this blog may wonder who this individual is. Well, he’s the ancient Egyptian god of Death, Anpu (Anubis).

At this stage some of you may be backing away slowly, with the aim of escaping through a conveniently open door. Fear not. I’m not suffering delusions. The Shed (as the blog is known) is home to a plethora of tenants. Some I fear may never leave. Quelle dommage. The Jackal god and I have known each other for a long time, a long, long time. Too long perhaps…Sorry, forgot where I was.

I hear a gasp…

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