Whaz Up!?! School’s Out for Summer!

Calico Jack – Vacation

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

It’s been a while since I write this weekly post. Sometimes mental health catches up with you. No more teaching, No more excuses. No more students, and their abuses. Because school’s out for summer!

And, Ye Olde Blogge is relocating to Gay Paris! We fly out today! TODAY!

Also, I’m not bringing a computer. I only have the school issued computer and I’m loathe to bring it since I’d be liable for it if it were lost, damaged, or stolen. I’ll bring my Kindle Fire and get a keyboard for it when I’m there. We’ll see how that works.

I have never anticipated the ending of a school year more feverently than I did this one. Usually, I am so focused on getting through the remaining curriculum and grading and comments and the stuff that shoulda been done yesterday but won’t get done until next year and oops…

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Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Items in no particular order I found on the internet, from the amazing or just interesting, to the fruits of doom scrolling on (mainly) climate and politics, to the ridiculous and bizarre, and whatever struck my fancy or curiosity:

There’s a bunch of rather grim stuff in this batch, but it has been that kind of week, still, there is a bit of hope too.

The top story in this is much about the intersection of cracking down on pro-choice protests, abortion assistance activities, and the data brokering industry, and more. There is other interesting stuff too.

Pro-choice protesters are already being attacked and also met with aggressive police response.


Laws are being drafted in some states to forbid any talk about abortion as aiding-and-abetting.


Pro-choice protesters will be painted as violent and destructive, as were BLM protesters.


If you have majorities and the White House, but are still blocked from getting things done, are you still “the party in power” and bound to lose in the Midterm Elections? Hmmm, good question.


Is a “disability” really just a difference and functional?

Hell isn’t What it Used to Be

Janmalique – Change and cleaning the Shed

Strange Goings On In The Shed

Sakkara seems such a long time ago, well, it was and I was a different person then. Surprised that I’ve finally managed to rustle up the energy to start writing again. The question is, am I glad to return to the Shed? Yes and no. It needs an overhaul, redecoration and an immense amount of cleansing. The incense is ready, as are the consecrated salt and water. That should get rid of any troublesome energies and individuals. Just need to be careful no one calls the fire service with all that smoke escaping through the windows.

Pre- and post-Pandemic lockdowns have seen a number of toxic places, people and situations come and go. There’s still further work to be done, especially on the inner levels, the psyche continues to be immersed in muddy waters. Same old story but the plot can be changed don’t you think? Of course it…

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What say you, America?!

Well, America, what DO you say?

Brave & Reckless

As I continue to mull over the events of the last week, several thoughts have crossed my mind.

Given the Supreme Court’s ruling on gun rights, I think ALL women in the United States should consider purchasing a gun to help assist them in preventing unplanned pregnancies. In fact, arming women and girls could become a popular public health campaign.

“Wear two condoms. Or else.”

In fact, generously arming all women and girls could be effective in reducing the incidence of rape and sexual assaults. If ‘one good guy with a gun’ can prevent a mass shooting, imagine what an entire society of furious armed women and girls could do?!

I think its time for men to take the lead in preventing unplanned pregnancies. They are the more ‘mature’ and ‘rational’ sex, right?!

I recommend that any man or boy who would like to have sex with someone with a…

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Humans are the Problem

Calico Jack – “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo

The Psy of Life

It has been a momentous week in a turbulent year that followed an alarming pandemic during an ominous assault on our democracy, hasn’t it? It would be easy to follow in the footsteps of Young Werther given all this merde raining down on us. If that’s where you’re at, then mayhaps you should give this blog post a miss and skip straight to rating, liking, and sharing it, or even the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at1-800-273-8255(TALK).

Let us list the ways that ways that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has royally fucked us from beyond the election:

  • ROE v. WADE: The Supremes just overturned the fifty year precedent taking away a right for the first time in US history, unless you count the emancipation of slavery as taking away the right to own other human beings as…

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