Special Counsel, Jack Smith is very, very good at what he does. This 49 page indictment is a document that should strike terror in the heart of any defense attorney. But, this is what you find when someone tries to go through life and politics believing that he is above and beyond the law and can just do any darn thing he pleases, not just a trail of bread crumbs, a trail of entire cakes.

Speaking of DJT, did he have an effect on school bullies?

What does the intersection of electronic medical records and anti-abortion laws look like?

It isn’t a super volcano on the scale of Yellowstone or Toba, but does have a similar structure, and it is in the middle of a very populated area.

Your brain on goodies:


Despite all the talk and negotiations and promises, CO2 emissions aren’t going down. They are going up.

Our time has a new name, The Age Of Flames (and smoke).

What did they (the fossil fuel industry) know, and when did they know it? Here’s a decade by decade timeline. They knew all along, studied it among themselves, and fought hard to keep it from us.

They studied the gut bacteria of very old people and found differences.

What were the wild critters doing while the people were in lockdown or working from home?