Hasty – dripping words


I have a hard time communicating my emotions.  Emotions aren’t exactly like facts.  They aren’t either JUST this way or that.  They are layered.  Like colors they can be combined and mixed. Each emotion is very different.

How do I feel?  Well that’s a complicated one. Do you have some time for me to try to explain?

If my explanation isn’t landing… I will try again… and again… mixing metaphors in… attempting to convey this emotion and many times it seems I am stuck on repeat.

Maybe… it’s best to just let me feel because the sound of my own voice trying to explain how and why I feel is frustratingly annoying.


Spill out
Like a
My voice

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Hasty – Not to be forgotten


It’s easy to get caught up in our own emotions. Tangled inside our own traps. It’s easy even when we can barely look at ourselves in the mirror. It’s easy even as we are avoiding any kind of self discovery.


Many moments I feel lost, abandoned by time
Swimming in a world without signs, directionless
No vocabulary spoken or written can describe
These erratic emotions spinning from my mind
Relentless and disturbing their lyrical foray
Marching onward, inward, outward
Stirring up this mind and body full of crazy
Ready to feed on all the perpetual misery
Like swarming insects, like a flock of seagulls
Scanning the horizon for the flaming sun
Scorching all that remains of the hideous rot
Drying up the decay before it can be sought
Emotions menacing, staggering, drunk on deceit
Mastered by self-pity waiting, set to destroy
Those fairy tale stories of happiness and joy

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Cluster B – Lack of clarity and consensus regarding psychopathy



Sometimes there are more questions than answers. This is especially odd since so many questions have been asked and answered about psychopathy. 

The truth of the matter is that there are many experts but no consensus on which one has the right answers. Such is the case with psychopathy.

Although the word Psychopath has existed for centuries. First known usage was in 1985. The word breaks down into the Greek word psyche, meaning mentality or soul and path meaning sickness or suffering. Hervey Cleckley (1903-1984) wrote a book in 1941 called The Mask of Sanity in which he gave a much more specific definition of the word. He became interested in psychopaths after having discovered an interesting anomaly in patients of his mental hospital. There were people who seemed really normal and rational but would surprise him with behavior far outside the norm, whatever that was to Cleckley…

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Jan Malique – Time


adrien-king-986111-unsplash Adrien King at Unsplash

It’s Sunday evening and I’m sitting on the bed writing this post. Bemoaning the fast passage of the weekend in fact. Time is a strange construct, one that we seem to forever chase without really getting anywhere. Yikes! My nemesis, The White Hare, and his fobwatch spring to mind. Oh no, I might need to turn the light off and calm myself down.

In the meantime I leave you with this poem.

Both Past and Future reach for Time,

While Present watches,

Waits for a moment to interject,

Yet, neither pauses to reflect,

Question the irregularities of existing and not existing,

Of the dangers inherent in inaction and of action.

The sand flows ever downwards,

Pulled not by inevitability but by gravity,

Oh what irony!

Each repels the other,

With discordant discourse and fiery gaze,

Two titans in eternal battle,

All for naught as Time exists…

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Why did decades stop having personalities?

LuckyOtter – What happened to decades having distinct personality and style?

Lucky Otters Haven


I saw this quote today and it made me think.

The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s seem to have all separate, unique personalities, but these last 18 years seem to just be one big chunk of time that has no significant meaning.

Personally, I think decade “personalities” reach back all the way to at least the 1920s.  Although I have no real point of reference for chunks of time earlier than that,  I suspect the growth of mass popular culture (movies, radio, mass produced clothing, magazines, etc.) due to the advance of technology during the early to mid-20th century had a lot to do with the decades developing their own unique “feel.”

It wasn’t just music, entertainment and fashion that defined decades from each other; decades even had their own unique fonts.  You can pretty much tell the vintage of a magazine or paperback book heading or a movie…

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Hasty – The past doesn’t wash out.


Just move along miss!

I’ve always hated hearing that piece of advise. As if the past can be painted over. The past is connected to your future like it or not. Even those things you don’t remember… they are there waiting for tomorrow just like you.

It’s a small hole

That dark spot

You try to mend

Don’t bother

Let it go

Grow up

And move on

It’s been over

And done with


It won’t ever be

Because blood

Doesn’t wash out

Because some stains

Stay forever

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Hypermasculinity and Trumpism.

LuckyOtter -Toxic masculinity on parade

Lucky Otters Haven

hypermasculinity Credit: N/A

I’ve been noticing a huge and (to me) obvious difference between Trump supporters and those who oppose him.  Much has been said about the tendency of Trump supporters to have more authoritarian personalities than the norm, and that is true, but why is authoritarianism so attractive to them?  Why do they hate democracy?  Don’t they want to think for themselves?  Don’t they want to live in a free and inclusive society that values empathy for others and the Golden Rule (which we were all taught in kindergarten)?

The other day I was following a Twitter convo between some Trump supporters talking about Matt Whitaker, Trump’s new Acting Attorney General.  They were all talking about how Whitaker looked like a guy who wouldn’t take crap from anyone, and would rule with an iron fist. They admired Whitaker’s pumped up, hypermasculine physique, his cold, expressionless features, and were almost reverently…

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The promise of the dream (nombrilisme series)

TheFeatheredSleep – Imaginary solace


I dreamt or made up that I did

In sweet spot between wakefulness and sleep

giving over to fantasy as bolster against, hard spit of life otherwise

sometimes, you just need spoon of honey stirred in warm drink

reducing disappointment, like when you were ill as a child

someone laid a cool hand on your fever and whispered;

there there, there there

when I was little, I was very disappointed

with empty rooms, lack of interest, invalidating reasons to exist

I learned before I could talk, to fantasize and imagine

sustaining me throughout life, both as warm blanket against harsh reality

sometimes a drug that I used too much to ward away gloom

for when we live inside the rooms of our imagination

we create such spectacular palaces

sometimes, the outside world is neglected

we do not try as hard, if we can imagine instead

I danced with Jennifer Beals…

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