Edgar Allan Poe said,
“If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry.”

Here is a poem from Alfa.


I know how it feels when the madness ensues.

When it appears out of nowhere and whispers “Boo”.

Your chest starts to fold upon itself as the rusty knife blade carves letters of fear across your sternum.

Your eyes start to burn from the pressure of holding the reservoir capped, and as you feel the searing tears begin to form, you realize there is no tissue in sight.

A bouquet of balloons has lodged their way inside the back of your throat and their celebrating your discomfort.

Your brave self is focusing… trying to command your mind – and practicing that languid meditation everyone harps about.

And all the while your inner-self is pleading with the monster that is approaching: “Please don’t let me lose it. Not here. Not again.”

I know how it feels when the madness ensues.

~ Alfa
My debut poetic book is now available.


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Where Do Stars Come From?

Devon offers her first attempt at a children’s story. Enjoy

Devon J Hall

This is my first attempt at a children’s story. I am in the process of creating three, one for Love, one for Life and one for Death (this is Death) for children, to teach them how to deal with complicated emotions. I am presenting this to you because I do not know when it will be finished and I desperately believe that Genn’s work must be showcased. 

When I went to Upwork.Com to find an illustrator I had no idea what I would get. What I found, was an artist who took one look at my words and pulled illustrations from my mind and was able to put them on the page. What I present to you now is not only amazing work by Genn Lotysh but work that I truly believe is exactly what I imagined as I was writing the poem. I am genuinely proud of my poem…

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A lot has changed for me in six months

Devon encounters the spiritual power of beauty.

Devon J Hall

Ten years ago I was convinced that one day, some day, maybe if I was really extra especially good, that maybe God would forgive me my sins and I would find happiness.

That somehow someway, something magical would happen and one day everything would change and suddenly my life would get better. That on that day, God would prove that I had been through enough trauma, enough darkness, that it would finally be my time to find happiness.

All those years I suffered, I cried, I begged to die and felt alone and isolated. All those years stuck in the darkness, scared and alone because some Priest told me twenty-five years ago I had sinned and was going to hell.

I suffered alone because I was too afraid to see that I am love. That by the very act of being human, I am the exact meaning of love.


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2AM Thoughts – What Do You Want In Life?

Veronike has important thoughts at 2am.

Thoughts Of A Sunrise

It’s 2AM and I should be asleep. I need sleep, God knows, there’s Monday starting rotation in Paediatrics awaiting, I have to clear out the rest of my apartment tomorrow and I am on medication that my body is still adjusting to in addition to a cold that isn’t physically making me any more prepared for life right now. Yet, here I am at 2AM, thinking. I have been thinking too much today (well, yesterday, technically) and I wish I had a switch in my head to make it stop. I contemplate many things, have debates in my head with myself about life and its many issues and like algebra, my brain works until it has reached the “x = ?” final line. What is the equation? “What do you want in life?” We get asked that question all the time and we are told by many how important it…

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Fifty Years of Bad Decisions: Change the Voices Within—and Without Breaking the Legacy of Silence #44 | Kim D. Bailey | FIVE:2:ONE

Kim’s latest on Five2One is about bad decisions and, as usual, very good.

Kim D Bailey

My life is exactly that—mine. I do the best with it each day. No one has a right to preface their justifications for denying me anything based on who I am, or even all I’ve done. Deny me your time, protection, money, or love—just do it honestly and take responsibility for it instead of pushing that off on me.

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Cis ‘Allies,’ You Probably Think This Work is About You

Sam has some things to say, to which I will add that comfortable people rarely, if ever, make real change.

Let's Queer Things Up!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by cis “allies” that if I don’t directly appeal to them in the most generous terms possible, I can’t expect their support. And as far as I can tell, this is a pretty explicit way of saying, “I will not affirm the humanity of transgender people unless their movement caters to me.”

I mean, at least you’re being honest so I know upfront that I can’t count on you.

A lot of fake allies came out in full force when I wrote an article in late March, really unpacking different trans-antagonistic microaggressions (in plain terms, acts that hurt trans people in subtle but important ways). I put an incredible amount of labor into that work, trying to hold space for cis folks’ emotional realities while also being firm about what is and isn’t acceptable when interacting with folks from…

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Have Your Muse, I’ll Have My Whiskey

Nicole talks back, I think, to one who does not hear.

The Lithium Chronicles


Write your poetry and chew
the words that curdle
in your mouth or spit
them at me, I want
to know how it feels to
slide down my own face.
Am I still pretty
in the back of your throat?
No, you prefer me
streaking down my chin,
all narcissistic and gooey
mingling with the love things
you hate so much.
Spit me out, and step on me.
I will stick to the bottom
of your shoe and perhaps
you can look away
when you scrape your sole
against the edge of the curb
outside your bedroom window,
and when I dry up in the night.
I was pretty there,
in the back of your throat,
and you could have made
a home beneath my fingernails.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

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Self-Portrait at 18 and Deep Light

Charlotte Chadwick has some lovely poetry on OTV.

Open Thought Vortex

By Charlotte Chadwick

Self-Portrait at 18:  I was secret and becoming wolfish


I walk on the beach and the breeze slaps my face

and as usual I talk to you

and I almost hear you


I have so many questions unspeakable frozen hot

all the small details you have

so far thrown me

I have gathered up

and I wear them close to my chest

and I touch them shining

as if by accident

one by one from start to finish

I want to kiss and pray to the furthest part of you

there are seagulls

there is a hell of a sky

you would like it


repeating your exact phrase

to keep it in my body

the outer shell colours my breath

as its meanings change

gobstopper sweet

red amber green

the word residue clings

to my teeth and chokes me as

it sticks to the…

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