The two parties are advertising differently for this election. The differences are analyzed in depth here.

Meanwhile, a social network responds to criticism of the political advertising on it’s site.

On The Media looks at how the Florida Governor’s sending immigrants to surprise destinations has landed in the media.

This is a long article with two parts. Part One is on how the GOP got where it is, with several book recommendations on that history. Part Two details the recent developments in the court case between Donald Trump and the DOJ about the Mar-a-Lago documents. The bottom line seems to be that the 11th Circuit and the Special Master are saying, “Put up or shut up.”, and “Can the BS.”, and not cooperating in the delay tactics. This is a smart lawyer writing about the law.

This writer sees the Culture Wars as psychodrama and/or soap opera. One might paraphrase The Bard and say, “Full of sound and fury signifying in the end, nothing.”

How the whole Qanon phenomenon illustrates the attraction and use of puzzle games in advertising and other areas as well.

VR headsets set some users to kneeling before the porcelain throne. That’s not good news for the vendors of the Metaverse.

California again takes the lead in action to limit climate change.

Imposter, memory, and the color of history

Pattimouse – What will be the verdict of history?


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Reguardless of the reason why the conversation happened, I was struggling with imposter syndrome. It irritated my boyfriend. So he proceeded to point out that Mark Twain was not a college graduate. I smiled at him and started listing the authors that had a college degree. Unfortunately most of them we not known during their own lifetime. It got me to think…

What will be history’s thoughts on me? Will I be relagated to some dusty shelf for books that no one reads? Or will I be someone’s favorite author?

The thoughts of the nutcase stuck in Walmart…

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Don’t Be Late

Pattimouse – Why?


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I got up early today and got in a big hurry… because I was scheduled to get the tires replaced on my jeep. So I am sitting in Walmart waiting for the mechanic. Now that is not worth writing about… even if it is an annoying thing for me. Though I suppose that anything can be a writing prompt at the right time… No, the reason why I decided to go into the writing mode… the email that reminded me of the appointment. It said that I was supposed to be on time – 7 am on a Sunday, and if I wasn’t there within 15 minutes then they would give my slot away. There was no one in the tire center until 12 after 7. So I am running around with anxiety…omg I will be late…of course I am 15 minutes early because…

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Election 2022: Fuck Around with the Status Quo and Find Out Election

Calico Jack – Which way will the election go?

The Psy of Life

Ye Olde Blogge is all about how psychology influences politics and politics influences psychology, and every major national election, there are predictions about what kind of election it will be. Check the sidebar for some of our past election predictions and observations.

There are approximately 350 million Americans give or take a few undercounted communities of color or two, so predicting just exactly how each and everyone of them is going to behave is pert near impossible. Luckily, psychology doesn’t try to predict how individuals behave; it predicts group behavior. If you can pick up on the right issues, you stand a good chance of…

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Here, we hear from a lawyer taking the fight against voter suppression to the Supreme Court in two key cases.

Real patriots gathered the evidence against the fake ones and urge prosecutors to go get them.

Are you being spied upon by your church?

A lot of what many believe about alcohol just ain’t so.

They aren’t pretty and don’t sing, but vultures do important work for us.

Industrial scale carbon capture and sequestration might be starting to get going.

Smoke gets in our eyes, and worse places.

And that smoke and other air pollution are worse for kids that we even thought.

This reminds of the truth of this: “Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons, will somehow work for the benefit of us all.” – John Maynard Keynes–and-short-new-study/