Writing You

Stephanie Bennett-Henry says how she will write someone.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I will write you like a loss I can never stop losing. I will write you like the one who got away forever. I will write you like the burn my skin can’t stop feeling. The stranger I loved with all of my heart, the one I was lucky enough to know for a moment in time, the one I held onto like my life depended on it and still does. I’ll write you as though you’re still embedded deep inside of me, like forever doesn’t know how to end, like time is frozen in the moment our lips touched and tasted eternity, swallowing hello until goodbye was unheard of. I will write you as the moments that changed me, like a hug that I still feel right now, tearing me apart and making me new. I’ll write your eyes as the only oceans I’m not afraid to dive into…

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This wide world

TheFeatheredSleep – Quiet love under a warm roof


marthagraham1It is lovely

Watching you sleep

Perchance to dream

And with the late snow storm

Whitening outside like hungry baker

Spilling his bag of flour

We cocoon ourselves

Close by spitting fire

Casting spirit animals on chalky walls

The photos of your ancestors

Their ink held eyes glaring

I fear they may not understand

Our kind of intimacy

Their world scrapped tenderness

For raw knuckled survival, no time for choice

Yet we knead our own rise with weary elbows

Perhaps the nature of love has changed clothes

And now wears matching nightgowns, joining toes under blankets

Reading books with curling corners, still watching with appreciation

When like a slip of shimmering glass

You get up to draw the curtains

Only the sound of falling snow

Hushed against our warm roof

Can be heard in this wide world

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Vulnerability (revisited)

Christine Ray – the Rock and the Hard Place

Brave and Reckless

It is a stretch

For me to

Reach out across

This shifting distance

This shaky ground

Hand extended

Toward you

It is a journey

Across a deep chasm

For me to say

Out loud

Even in a whisper

I need

I want

I do not like

To need

To want

To admit any


Any Achilles heel

My rigid armor

My titanium shell





To remain

In this self-imposed exile

Leaves me

At the bottom of

A well of loneliness

That no rope of any length

Can reach

My breathing

Is loud here

It echoes

The darkness is

A presence with

Texture here

But to emerge

Holding my bleeding heart

My naked soul exposed

Its edges fluttering

In this icy wind

Is a risk

That shakes me to the core

This is the rock

And the hard place

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Most Problems Today Were Once Solutions.

More chewy food for thought from Nora Bateson;



The time has come
The walrus said
To talk of many things:
Of shoes- and ships-
And sealing wax-
Of cabbages and kings-
And why the sea is boiling hot-
And whether pigs have wings.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

Time has come and gone, and sits now at the window —watching. When I was a child I sat at tables of concerned and brilliant people who discussed the fate of the world with great passion. It was the early 70’s and publications were springing up around the globe to announce the need to change the way humanity was living with each other and the biosphere. The radical revolutionaries were penning beautiful texts on systems theory, cybernetics, ecology, new forms of education, steady state economics, and exploratory versions of non-violent democracies. It was quite clear at my dinner table in 1976 that there were a few basic steps…

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The Era of Emergency Relocation – A Transcontextual Perspective*

Nora Bateson takes on thinking differently about the “Refugee Crisis”.


Nora Bateson, Filmmaker, writer, educator, lecturer and President of the International Bateson Institute, Sweden, USA

I am very honored to announce that this paper recently received the award for the ARTICLE OF THE YEAR by the Norwegian journal Fokus på Familien. It is now nominated for the larger award given by the group of 55 Scandinavian journals called: Universitetsforlaget. Thank you to all of the people who supported my work.

This is not the version that is in the Fokus På Familien, because that one is under copyright. But it is a close approximation. The exploration in this piece is around using a lens of transcontextual description to expand the way the public discussion is taking place. This subject is too important for binaries. It is, in my opinion, way passed time to open the scope of the conversation. I hope that this “transcontextual” form may bring breadth to…

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The Truth About Words (Revisited)

Christine Ray tells a tale many here will find familiar.

Brave and Reckless


In honor of World Poetry Day

The dilemma of finding my voice
is that it was not enough
simply to speak
this voice
which lay dormant
inside of me for so long
buried beneath
relentless responsibilities
overdeveloped superego
weighty titles such as
rarely woman
rarely even human being
had become voracious

What I thought
merely a trickle of words
awakened by the world’s injustices
an ache that pierced my heart
grew rapidly into the flow of a kitchen tap
when given some room
it became the steady stream
of a garden hose
it threatened to explode
like a fire hydrant
then roared with the ferocity
of a river long damned
against its nature
against its will
obliterating all obstacles
real and imagined
in its path

I didn’t know
hadn’t realized
that all this lay within me
spring-coiled with tension
patiently waiting for a small crack
to appear

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This Much: A Poem For The Disregarded

Insane Roots – Love Unrequited

Insane Roots

Broken Pieces of you still clutter the floor of my mind.

Their preciously hidden strangeness,

A comfort to me in this, the absence of you.

Making love to our memories,

As they delicately tickle these thoughts in my head.

And for a moment, I forget…

That I am alone,

In this,

The most painful love song of all.

Unmistakably one-sided,

Unrequited and adrift.

Yet in the end,

The only one I’ve ever wanted…

This much.

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