Moments in Blue

Tara Caribou – Blue eyes and love

Raw Earth Ink

We sit across from one another at a little diner. The benches are real wood with ducks and hunting dogs carved into them and the cushions are a faded burgundy vinyl. Country western music plays out the speakers but we aren’t really listening. I’m eating eggs over-medium with hashbrowns and she has French toast and bacon. All around are moderately quiet conversations and the clinking of forks on plates and spoons in mugs. Mine has coffee; hers has hot chocolate with whipped cream. Her eyes are blue. So blue. Blue like the ocean on a clear summer afternoon. The blue in blue of the ever-deepening sky. They remind me of something, those blue eyes. They remind me of carefree days, of laughter, of skipping barefoot, of endless questions, of hugs and kisses and dreams within dreams. They remind me of empty arms, nights of tears, wishful longing, stoic resolution, and…

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Whaz Up!?! There’s Something About Mary and Other Stories

Calico Jack – A new pet, COVIC coping, and lots more

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all

It’s been a big week here at Ye Olde Blogge with two big big events and we anticipate a big week next week as we head into the Chinese New Year celebration at the end of January.


ICYMI: Posts from the week:

We celebrated two lives this week on 18 January: Betty White’s on her 100th birthday and MLK on MLK Day. Wednesday’s and Saturday’s posts continued our discussion about how we should be viewing and responding to the destruction of our democracy.

THE STORY OF MARY. Mary’s story started with my sixth grade students begging for a class pet a couple of weeks ago. They were full of suggestions…

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Do you really have to work at being an author?

The inside scoop

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Back in the good-ole-days, which really weren’t; authors had to work hard! Imagine typing out a manuscript by hand, only to have to type out several versions with each edit? Physically having copies made, then mailing around the world, for an answer that may never come.

With the advent of technology you’d think it became easier, and yes it has, but it’s also become more of a system and the author is now as much a writer as a marketer (of themselves).

Many writers loathe the idea of self-promotion. Even if they are confident about their work they don’t want to be the ones out there singing their own praises. They’d rather someone else did all the promotion. However, the idea there was ever a time free of self-promotion is a little fanciful.

Authors are their own brand. Sure, if you publish with Penguin and you get into every book…

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Being Prepared to Save Our Democracy: What Will YOU Do

Calico Jack – Illegitimi non carborundum

The Psy of Life

We here at Ye Olde Blogge have been very worried about the future of our democracy, and by future, I mean will we ever return to being a democracy since it is our steadfast belief that we have long since ceased to be a democracy. There are those who are better informed and better educated about such things who might disagree. That’s okay. Please include links and quotes in the comments. I’d like to see them.

We’re watching the GQP steamroll every facet of our democracy right before our very eyes. Think about it:

  • THE SUPREMES are making nonsensical legal arguments that bend the law into pretzels in order to uphold GQP political points. See their recent decisions upholding the Texas Abortion Bounty Law and striking down vaccine mandates. Take no…

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