The Great Lady has gone today. And tomorrow, the really sick & twisted games begin…

The Chatty One on a great loss

The Chatty Introvert

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I saw a brief blip when I was scrolling through YouTube earlier (which I mostly had on for noise) and it said that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was gone. I didn’t react at first, just read the clip title and moved on.

I suppose I wasn’t ready to think on that. I just kept painting bookmarks and making coffee, anything to avoid clicking on those articles or video clips.

But now, I am. After sitting down and actually doing some searching, to see that there are multiple sources confirming it, I’m sitting on my couch with a big glass of wine, not sure if I plan on going numb or if I want to just start the screaming early.

This just seems like the all-too-perfect ending to a shitty news week. How many things have happened this week that just makes you rub your eyes and wonder what…

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TheFeatheredSleep – A touch lost to silence



I slept though I did not sleep

onboard the memory of you

wrapped around my legs

entwined we touched, we did things

in real life we would not

like thirsty vines found purchase

I wake hot with a sore-throat

for calling you in dream

you stay just far enough away to be

exquisite, painful

still, you are with me

all throughout this fatigued day

my hair matted with thought of your voice, your mouth

heart faster for desire unspoken

recollections like film reel

thin wrists, strong arms, long neck

slender back of an archer sending her arrow

colt legs as brown as sundown eclipsing

autumn leaves

the bedroom lure of your perfumed eyes

I saw it years ago and it pierced me

as keenly as a real knife might

cut through something willing and laid it open

to conquest

I said nothing then,

my tongue in my mouth


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Books That Matter: Hood Feminism (Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot) by Mikki Kendall

A book worth considering.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Reviewed by Candice Louisa Daquin

I would not want to debate Mikki Kendall. Because unlike other authors who write from their perspective, Kendall is aware of all the perspectives and can reduce them down and go back to her point effortlessly. This isn’t easy to do given the complexities of feminism as a canon. Typically, feminism is one of the most impenetrable subjects at higher levels because it seems the canon has been deliberately complicated to justify itself. Kendall doesn’t do that; she talks plainly and eloquently without having to hide behind metaphor or create new words to codify feminism. For that I appreciate her.

It was with trepidation I reviewed this book. The subject dear to my heart, but I knew I would struggle with anger and recriminations Kendall was bringing up. That of intersectionality and the duality of the feminist experience depending upon race. For me, this is…

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The night I went out without shoes on

TheFeatheredSleep – A road almost taken?


Wasn’t it a miracle?

Neither of us died trying to get to the meeting place

all the lights in the world seemed out that night

I had only known how to drive a few months

you were an old hat who routinely broke laws

with bottles wedged between your legs, a

cigarette burning ash down your fingers

there had always been a desire in me

for brokenness, as if I recognized in those

souls, something in myself

or a freedom in people who abandoned ettiquette

and discarding it, became suddenly free

I liked the wild, I liked women with untamed eyes

and dirty minds

the moon was full that night and we watched owls

gather themselves in flight and swoop

cloudy restaurant lights flickering in and out on the side

of the empty high way

I had watched films about a life like this

I said to you, films like…

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Trump’s Base: #BurstThebubble of Cognitive Dissonance, part 2

Calico Jack continues the discussion of true believers and cognitive dissonance.

The Psy of Life

Our Story So Far

On Monday 14 September, we published a post beginning addressing the reasons that Trump’s base is so tenaciously supportive of him and so difficult to dissuade.

Essentially, Leon Festinger laid out the basis for his theory of cognitive dissonance in his book, When Prophecy Fails, which he describes as an extended case study of his covert observations of a UFO-doomsday cult based in Chicago in 1954. The cult’s leader predicted that the world would end on a specific date, but her followers would be saved by a UFO.

Festinger and his students infiltrated the group posing as true believers and took notes on what they experienced there. They wondered what would happen when the date came and went without the world ending. To their surprise, many of the followers stayed. Of course, it helped that the leader told…

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“The Fifth Risk,” by Michael Lewis

The Chatty One finds an informative book.

The Chatty Introvert

My Copy: 9781324002642 (image from

I don’t know what all I was expecting from this book, but I gotta say, I learned a helluva lot about certain government entities and departments… and how badly things can get screwed up during a bad transition period.

The Fifth Risk is essentially about the election of Donald Trump and the way presidential transitions are supposed to work. But it’s not a book completely skewering Trump, it’s more about how transition works, with what Trump did– being unprepared to have people ready to go to take over and get approved for the positions he was supposed to staff– really screwing things up. It talks about the election in regards to this, and some details regarding that mythical inauguration night.

Mr. Lewis interviewed several key members or former heads of departments like the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and some others to…

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HASTY – Sleeping Relief


I wish we didn’t need sleep but we do. I’m starting to feel age creeping into my bones and my brain and now more than ever I’m realizing how important for a clear and stable mind sleep is.

Brittle bones


In a bag of flesh

Fat dissolving

Organs hardening

Brain short



Life deteriorating

Screaming protest

As fires sweep


Across the sleeping

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HASTY – Alone



I forget how depression feels sometimes. That’s dangerous. To forget isn’t an option. I have to remind myself how sneaky and insidious it is. I must remember what it felt like to be its prisoner. Depression as a room and me held captive against my will. I am so grateful to have escaped this room… I don’t ever want to stop being grateful.

I was…
The lamp
The table
The chair
The fan
I was…
The person

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Someone else’s rapist

TheFeatheredSleep – Encounter in a small room



someone else’s rapist

lean back in client chair

shadows of survivors indented behind

it is difficult

not to want to hurl you from that sacred place

screaming; You do not have the right!Haven’t you possessed enough flesh and soul?

I place one hand over the other, as if I am

wearing plastic gloves and submerging them in

hot dish-water, doing some kind of

domestic yoga move

instead of drinking or cursing or rising up with sword.

You are physically attractive, it might make people ask

why do you need to rape? Just like they ask; Why would he rape her?

Why did she wear that short skirt? All sorts of wrong-headed pronouncements

cluttering our throats with ire.

I have seen how women write, to prisoners like you

fascinated by the ‘bad boy,’ even marrying you

you, who would chop them into little red

pieces and eat…

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Submit to The Kali Project

An opportunity for Indian women poets and artists


I am editing another Anthology in collaboration with CrossTree Press called The Kali Project.

If you are an Indian woman Poet/Artist (or you know of one who may be interested, either in India or internationally) please consider submitting work to The Kali Project. This anthology is a collection of poetry, prosetry, and artwork from women of Indian heritage, in response to the courageous determination of Indian women to gain full equality in India.

Subjects to consider writing about include but are not limited to: Feminism, equality, political upheaval, women’s-rights, sexual violence, LGBTQ rights, gender identity, violence, marriage, concepts of Indian female identity, inequality at the workplace. Change.

The Kali Project is open for submissions until October 22, 2020.

You can submit up to THREE poems and THREE pieces of artwork.

Please submit poems with your full name as the title in Word.

If you are interested in submitting for the…

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