Hasty – No escape



I see some things
And my brain slips
I hear things too
And my mind trips
I run like a kite
Caught on a string
My heart skips
But mostly stutters
And I am left
Crashing on rocks
Falling into
Words that sting
And I try hard
To run from them
I can’t get away
From this heart
From this mind
From this body
From this tragedy
That is me

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Enriched – January 10: Flash Fiction Challenge

Jan Malique – A question of real wealth


working-template-for-ff-challenges92.pngJanuary 10, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes the idea of enrichment. Use many of its different manifestations or explore reasons why it matters to the character. Go where the prompt leads.

Respond by January 15, 2019.  Rules & Guidelines.

My offering for Charli’s challenge. One that made me think hard about the meaning of enrichment:

The Beggar opened his sack and offered her treasures galore.

“Yours if you wish” he cajoled.

“Why?” she answered quietly.

“Need, there is always need” he whispered.

She paused before responding.

“Will it offer the gift of another breath, another sunrise and sunset? Will it offer a kind word and comforting arms when all seems lost? Will it fill my heart with joy at the world’s beauty? Will it allow me to be who I truly am?.”

He stared at her intently, then…

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Hasty – Patient encouragement and encouraging patience


Some things are too painful and too hard to overcome without patient encouragement and love. I hope everyone who needs it can find it.

It’s typically the impatient moments that rise to the surface and grab notoriety. The angry customer. The ranting neighbor. The crazy employee. People having trouble being rational because something has gotten under their skin. But what if we practice being more patient when frustrations begin to rise? Is it even possible? Do good things really come to those who wait?

Here are a list of things I try to remember as I practice being more patient.

– Be mindful of triggers. Am I getting defensive? Jumping to conclusions? If you have any kind of turbulent past then you deal with this. I’ve been trying to be more objective. See the present not the history. I try to act less impulsively. I wait a few moments before…

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The Grail Knight -Thursday photo prompt: Honour #writephoto

Jan Malique – A story of a beginning in the middle of a story


My first entry this year for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

I wondered what would be suitable, then, this tumbled onto the virtual page. A good omen I like to think.

The red rose and letter appeared on the anniversary of the Knight’s passing without fail. The years flowed into decades, then centuries. No one had seen the mysterious visitor place these gifts, but all speculated on the identity of this person. The regular appearance of a golden light in the circular chapel only served to fuel further curiosity.

The Knight was rumoured to be kin to the Templar Knights of the First Crusade. Alas, there was no evidence to support this theory. Regardless, the presence of his tomb in this place indicated a personage of importance. Pilgrims were often found standing in silent contemplation before his reclining statue.

They were quiet and infused with a deep sense of humility. Words…

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#tbt Here I Stand (Revisited)

Christine Ray – A dark night revisited

Brave & Reckless

This is an autobiographical fragment from my first year at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice back in 1990.  For those who are concerned, I no longer live on the 13th Floor but I appreciate your compassion and caring.  This may be triggering for readers with a history of suicide ideation and/or suicide attempts.

I stand in front of the open window of my one bedroom apartment in my building which is simply named “Graduate Tower B.”  The building is as generic, as bland, as the name implies.  It is not an uncomfortable apartment—maybe even a little big for just one person—but it is white on beige on white and screaming institutional.  Much more functional and efficient than homey.

My apartment is on the 13th floor and the windows span the entire exterior wall of my living room/dining room/study/kitchenette.  They start about waist height and go…

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LuckyOtter – car and money drama, and justice

Lucky Otters Haven


A few days before Christmas, my daughter was in a car wreck. She is fine (no injuries), but unfortunately her car was totalled.

Her narc father pays for her car insurance (which is in his name) because due to her age and a few driving violations when she was younger (including driving without a license), rates for her are astronomical and I can’t afford to put her on my insurance either.

It was raining hard and a truck suddenly cut in front of her, her brakes locked up (she didn’t have ABS brakes), and she hydroplaned into the guardrail. She is fine but was pretty shaken up and it could have been bad!   Her car could be fixed so it was totaled out. The insurance company said they would pay $3,000 for a new car. She was happy because that meant she could get a better, safer used car.


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Hasty – Emotions, Triggers, Relationships



I am constantly self-mutilating my emotions. I pick them apart as if they are on trial for a heinous murder. Many times I sit looking at their remains and think… ok now that I know where you came from I can do better. Sometimes I will look at all the pieces staring up at me and think… I am sorry for putting you through this. Sometimes what seems like a bad emotion really isn’t. Sometimes it isn’t your emotion that is the problem but more about how it mixed with someone else’s.

Triggers. We all have them.

They are mysterious little creatures. Hiding in your psyche just waiting for that perfect storm to touch down and carry you away. A mixture of conscious and unconscious relationships to our past just waiting for someone to touch us wrong, talk to us wrong, or look at us wrong. And if all three…

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Transmigration -Twittering Tales #118 – 8 January 2019

Jan Malique – Soul and Juice


smoothie-2243369_1280 Photo by Anasegota at

For Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales I present a tale involving a kale smoothie and an industrial accident. You have been warned.

Transmigration was Yoda’s weak point. This was his last chance for redemption.

He summoned the Force and was one with it. Alas he misdialed and got the Juice Bar instead.

The Jedi Academy had its share of industrial accidents, but this was the last straw.

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