It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

To what LuckyOtter says , Yes, just yes

Lucky Otters Haven

We need a wise and compassionate patriot today, like Martin Luther King, Jr. was five decades ago.   We need someone with integrity and maturity who believes in equality and justice for all Americans, especially the most vulnerable.

King may be gone, but his words have staying power, and his life and wisdom will not be forgotten, even in the darkest times.    We need his words of wisdom and inspiration in these dark times more than ever before.



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Moment #1

TheFeatheredSleep sweeps us into an ominous swirl.


The blue

Crawls like a line of water

Containing streak of mercury

And just as you find


The blue

Omnipresent and unseen

Creeps closer

A malignant thing

Like a clerics collar loosened, seems a forlorn thing of no purpose

Disguarded stockings will lag wilted without wearer

Stripes on birthday paper are torn jagged

The margin of a novel bleeds it’s culmination

Deep grain in wooden table covers the scar

Flat white landscape, divided by sky and land

Endlessly running over the edge

Like blue hemmed girls, with pinkened mouths

Agape at the nonsense

Of our emotions

As they rise and fall

Chords of melodies discordant

One step ahead of prediction

Mountain cedar wrapping her weeze

And January storm gathering

Washing out pollen like quiet swimmer

Reaching distant shoreline

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Histrionics and Heroin: Nancy and Courtney

Cluster B examines two lives. Nature? Nurture? Both? Something else?


Nancy Spungen is Cluster B All the Way
So is Courtney Love

nancy_childIn reading And I Don’t Want to Live This Life by Deborah Spungen, Nancy’s mother, I have to wonder if people with histrionic personality disorder can be born that way people are born with psychopathy. There are details in Nancy’s childhood that can suggest narcissism or even psychopathy. She certainly controlled her family and was a holy terror to them for years. There is overlap between all the Cluster B “disorders” but I think a histrionic diagnosis fits her the best.

When she was born, February 1, 1958, she had a with a blood condition called ABO incompatibility, similar to RH-negative. nancy_babyShe needed a series of transfusions to save her life. After the transfusions, it was evident that she was an extremely volatile person, scrappy and feisty.

I looked for her through the nursery window. My eyes scanned…

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A New Reason to Smile

Insane Roots writes on managing depression, apologies, and the people who help and hinder.

Insane Roots

Like I said the other day, I think we forget sometimes, just how much power we have in creating the life we desire. Sure, there are a million things we can’t control, but the one thing we can control is how we think and therefore how we feel. I know it doesn’t always seem like that. Especially for anyone who battles with depression, anxiety or any other mentally challenging disorders. And I’m not saying it’s easy either, it’s not, but if we ever want to truly be content in this life, we must find a way to change the way we think.

That is the only way to change the way we feel and the negative belief system that has been ruling our lives. After all, a belief is just something you keep thinking over and over again; that doesn’t make it true.

You might be thinking, “Sure, that’s easy for…

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Caught in the Crossfire: Eleven Year Old Girls Who Tell Big Lies, Are Hiding Big Secrets

Devon – Asking the really right question about a lie.

Devon J Hall

My greatest fear as a writer is that one day I will reach the kind of fame that will inspire people around the world to dig into every moment of my past – to pull apart all the dirty scary secrets that I still keep to myself. My greatest fear as someone who gets to be on the radio every week is that the world will find I am not perfect. That I am some bastardized version of the girl I was born, and the woman I have become.

On Martin Luther King Day, the news comes out that an eleven-year-old little girl who claimed a man held her down not once but twice, and tried to cut off her hijab, lied about the incident.

Many people are angry with her, how dare she, what a cruel lie, what a badly behaved child who clearly just wants attention, right? Clearly…

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You’ll Look Back

Nicole give a warning to one who is leaving.

The Lithium Chronicles

It was easy for you,
to pack up everything
and shove it
between our memories,
and anything good,
I used to be.
It was nothing for you,
to take and leave
without looking back.
But I am done pacing
pathways down hallways
in this empty shell
you left behind,
and I swear to God,
you’ll look back
when the smoke hits
the air and the flames
lick your heels.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

Art Cred – Rimel Neffati

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27 Harsh Facts Every New Blogger Should Know About Blogging

Hugh does his best to warn the would-be blogger.

Hugh's Views & News

Thinking of starting a blog? Here are 27 harsh facts I’ve learned about the world of blogging since I started my blog in February 2014.

#bloggingtips #blogging #bloggers

  1. Blogging can become addictive and take over your life.
  2. You’ll probably lose touch with some friends because you won’t have the time to keep in touch with them anymore.
  3. Readers don’t find your blog, you have to find them.
  4. Just because somebody ‘liked’ your blog post, does not mean they read it.
  5. Just because somebody left a comment on your blog post, does not mean they read it.
  6. Blogging can seriously stress you out and make you feel guilty (if you allow it).
  7. You’ve more chance of winning the lottery jackpot, than one of your blog posts going viral.
  8. Over 81% of bloggers who want to make some money out of blogging, will never earn more than £100.
  9. Not everyone will agree with what you have to say.
  10. Not everyone will…

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Cats Eye

Christine Ray offers a poem of the marbles she’s keeping.

Brave and Reckless

Your words roll toward me

across the table of silence

like cats eye marbles

that I can pick up and examine

wonder at the jewel toned beauty

the sculptured moments captured inside

the delicate swirl drawing me closer

defenses forgotten as I contemplate

the gifts offered








encased in glass

awaiting my need

should I choose

to stow these precious orbs

in a soft pouch hanging from neck

falling close to my heart

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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Thanks for All the Things

Lizzi writes of a transforming love.


I was asked the other day if I was still in love with You.

The conversation to that point had washed up gently on various shores, and the ebb and flow of communication was peaceful. My friend and I had drifted sleepily through the conversation, languishing in its peaks and troughs as time went by.

Her question capsized me, suddenly dumping me into chilly seas when I least expected it.

Was I?

Had I ever been?

I trod water frantically, gasping for breath; reaching for a response I didn’t have.

I grabbed hold of the remains of my composure and clung tight, bobbing up and down with them, thinking hard.


Firmly, definitely, no.

The answer fell from me as it calmed the turmoil in my mind – the inverse effect of a pebble rippling a pool – and poured oil on troubled waters, letting me see clearly.



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Guest Post (by Anonymous): Thoughts About Suicide and Selfishness.

LuckyOtter shares another’s thoughts about how we view suicide and those who contemplate or do it.

Lucky Otters Haven


The following is a guest post from another blogger who kindly asked me if I would post this.  She is hesitant to link to her blog here, since her blog tends to focus on much lighter content, but still wanted to share her thoughts about this dark subject that’s a real issue for so many people who feel like all hope has been lost, as well as the people who love and care for them.     This blogger is not suicidal, but has been in the past.  I think most of us have considered it as an option at some point in our lives.   We need to stop judging them for it!   It isn’t helpful.

Thoughts about Suicide and Selfishness.

By Anonymous.

depressionThe word itself can be quite triggering to some people… It is taboo and disturbing. What better proof of that, than the fact that I didn’t find the…

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