Blossom and Bone Reviews

Nicole Lyons’ “Blossom and Bone gets reviews

Nicole Lyons

For my money, Nicole Lyons is hands down the best poet writing today. By far. She simply excels at her craft, and she does so with the apparent ease of one who effortlessly speaks her soul without need of any edit or further rewrite. Which, of course, is impossible. One would think. And I have never encountered another poet who writes as seamlessly as she. But that is only to address the skill of writing. First must come the transformation and translation of feeling and transcendent being into words, and that requires pinpoint accuracy and impeccable handling in order not to damage the efficacy of those original goods. That is the agony of the poet, and the impossible challenge of her art. Nicole acts like it is simply second nature. Whatever effort is required comes from living the experience, not from putting it into words. At least, that is the…

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Laughter and tears.

LuckyOtter on crying and laughter

Lucky Otters Haven


Laughter and crying are biologically very similar, and while they seem like opposites, both are methods the body uses to relieve stress, and they involve similar movements of the same groups of muscles. Both can involve tears.

Stress isn’t necessarily bad–it can even be present in overwhelming positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, or love–or in that moment when something strikes us so funny we double over with peals of laughter. Sometimes very intense laughter can bring on tears and even lead to sobbing; the opposite can happen when a big breakthrough happens in therapy. The laughter comes because the patient feels an immense sense of relief.

I decided it would be interesting to categorize the various types of crying and then talk about laughter, because they really are so very different but similar in some ways, and both are good for us.



I’ve said it before and I’ll…

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Fire in His Eyes: Spirit of Anticipation

Jan Malique – One Tango in and old city


hamburg-1508739_1280 fsHH , Pixabay

Feeling in a reflective mood today. It’s been a tiring week. No need to linger on the reasons, the here and now is of greater importance. That’s what my Muse is telling me, not His Nibs (Anubis), but another.

This Muse is a moving force behind a series of posts I’d written a while ago. I’d almost forgotten about them, until now. There’s a lesson to be learned in here. The stories were a pleasure to write and immerse myself in. What were they about? What were they called? Here they are if you’re inclined to acquaint yourself with them:

Passion and Pathos: Spirit of the Dance

Orpheus Ascended: Spirit of Memory

Dionysos Pursues: Spirit of the Vine

Sing to Me of Yearning and Loss: Spirit of Love

Each tale explores aspects of our deepest desires and hopes. Of love, loss, beauty and memory in all their…

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Between us both we made it whole

TheFeatheredSleep – Memory of being whole together



Lean in, listen, I will only say it once

the shame, prevents a repeat

I must learn, not to be the person I have

my love, I’m not the girl you think I am

I don’t know where she went

I just stepped out for a moment & everything was gone

she might have gotten old, lost her way

that’s what happened when you keep

getting in the way of yourself

i’ve been waiting years for the sun to rise

remember how I used to be such a good dancer?

it was the tempo we inherited in each others grace

we turned like sundials who responded to moonlight

it hurts to think of those times

your hands entwined in mine like forest branches

creating crowns from winter flowers

piano keys winding down, ebony and ivory shivering

as opposites tripping velvet usher of hope

connection is such a rare place to…

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John Lewis 2018 Christmas commercial featuring Elton John

LuckyOtter shares something beautiful and, sadly, unusual.

Lucky Otters Haven

I don’t usually get obsessed about commercials, but this is one I fell in love with.   It’s a commercial for the British department store chain John Lewis and Partners.

It’s rare to find a commercial with real meaning and depth, a compelling story that tugs at the heartstrings without being too cheesy — and also features one of the greatest rock & roll pianists/singers of all time.

Here we see Elton John playing “Your Song” over flashbacks of his career, the receding decades finally giving way to his childhood, when his mother, who recognized musical talent in her son, gave him a piano for Christmas — the very same piano he was playing as an older man reflecting on his life at the beginning of the commercial.

It gives me chills, in a good way.  It’s amazing the way one special gift at the right time can change the entire…

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Beguiled: Thursday-photo-prompt-shadows-#writephoto

Jan Malique – A ritual scene


shadows Image: Sue Vincent

My offering for Sue’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

This is my second attempt at writing the post as the first disappeared, pretty sure I saved it. I’m not reading anything further into this annoying occurrence. Although (cue ominous music in the background), there could be more to this.

Anyway, my little tale features the Vestal Virgins, priestesses of the goddess Vesta, and a sacred flame. The drama takes place in a time when the imperial city, Urbs Aeterna (Eternal City – Rome), was flowering as an example of glorious civilisation.

My next words need to be uttered in hushed tones in case the goddess overhears them. I’m not a fan of the Roman Empire. Really, I’m not. The Romans have given us much, but, I’m siding with the ”barbarians.” As Rome called the rest of the rabble outside their borders. That said, shall I proceed?

Let us offer…

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Seeking us

Candice Louisa Daquin – Anticipating again

hijacked amygdala


Some prefer before it happens

that exquisite wait

predating intimacy

a languor of instincts

long nights imagining

how you will taste

can reality ever compare?

with the violent longing of what is imagined

a teasing elongation of want, unfolding

into one outstretched blossom.

I had closed down that part of me

craving clawing keening wanting

put a ‘for rent’ sign on my dancing shoes

hung up the coat of neglect where it belonged

still damp with tinge of youth

you told me it was that way too

with you

when the calendar said – you’re now beyond the hour

to feel, to need, the touch of age too close

resigning yourself to occupations of the mind

swimming in your stifle


we found each other

you were the girl I’d been seeing when I closed my eyes

I had this pendant about my neck called fate

it seemed to be…

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