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A chance to win books, really good books

Brave & Reckless

In honor of the launch of We Will Not Be Silenced, we are holding an amazing Big Book Giveaway! Two lucky winners in the U.S. or Canada will receive an assortment of six books each, including a copy of We Will Not Be Silenced. A lucky International winner will receive four books, including We Will Not Be Silenced.

Entering is simple! Just sign up for Indie Blu(e) Publishing’s Newsletter here. There is no cost to enter. Winners will be selected at random on December 15, 2018.

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Mending A Broken Heart

Jesi Scott – Mother Love

The Well Tempered Bards

I held his heart in my hands

In pieces shattered, a broken land.

“Can you fix it?” he’d asked

While I stared at the impossible task.

“I’ll do what I can,” I said,

Placing a kiss on his forehead.

I sat and pondered and tried to start

But how best to mend his broken heart?

With needle and thread to keep it together?

Not glue; too weak for changes in weather…

Metal would give it strength,

But time and rust would wear its length.

So I thought and then thought some more

Until the answer came as if called for.

I began putting the pieces back one by one,

Working throughout the daytime sun

And on through the darkening night,

Continuing on despite

The pain in my back and bleeding fingertips,

Making sure there’d be no rips.

Then one day I was done,

And I smiled at the war I’d…

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The Storm is Home

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – A storm at home – Home in a storm — a storm on the page

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

The lights went dim, slowly over a decade or so, until it all went dark. I tell myself all these years were preparation for the storm that was in me all along, but the practice of the dim was not enough to teach me the difference between a little rain and a complete stop to the universe. It’s not the way the power went out. I’m not afraid of the dark and thunder never scared me. It’s more than that. There’s no way for me to describe it other than to say, the windows fog over during storms sometimes and maybe you don’t have a clear view looking out until the storm passes…. until the storm passes. That’s not the kind of storm that hit me. I wish that was the storm I was standing under, covered over, I would run to the center, kiss the eye of it straight…

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Dancing with the Trigger

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – singing a wolfish song

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

The moon is full or maybe that’s my eyes

welling up like they do, when the lump in

my throat can’t hold its place anymore

and it crumbles out from the belly of god.

So loud, all the wolves come to my feet

and call me home. I say,

“Go away. You are lost, follow the moon

until you hear the howl.”

But they sit there, fixed on my eyes.

Focused steady on the song ripping from

my throat, and I scream,

“There’s no goddamn music anyway!”

There never was. It was me singing from

the music in my head. Falling, but calling

it a dance. I do that sometimes to forget

the dance is just me alone, trying to make

sense of this war inside, but there is no

easy answer for the way my fingers love

to touch the shine of the trigger.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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Here’s to the Queers

Devon brings a letter, necessarily anonymous, from The Closet, about which she has much to say.

Devon J Hall

Before we get started I am about to post something that I did not write – how I found it does not matter, and the name of the unidentified author does not matter. I have my suspicions and I am sure you will to – I will delete any post that attempts in any way to try and “out” the author.

This was posted anonymously for a reason, please attempt to respect that. Without further ado here is a post that completely shattered my heart.

First of all, I would just like to say that being closeted is the hardest part of being in the spotlight, especially when one is famous for their “looks.”

I am an American film actor and I have been pretty much inside of the fragile wardrobe for some time now…

I wasn’t “gay” or “into men” persay throughout my whole career or life for that…

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I like looking at photos of the inside of other people’s refrigerators.

What does your refrigerator say about you? LuckyOtter is curious.

Lucky Otters Haven

Here’s a Fun Fact about me:

I’ve always loved to look at photos of the inside of other people’s refrigerators. I have an unhealthy curiosity about the contents of other people’s fridges.   But it has to be a picture, because in a picture I can sit in the privacy of my own home, silently admiring or judging the kinds of food I see there without people thinking I’m weird or want their food (because usually, I don’t).

My son just received his work bonus and tweeted the above photo of his newly full fridge (you can actually click on it to make it bigger).

This made me far happier than it should have,  because even if he was just some random person and not my son, that photo would have still made me happy.   I just really like looking at photos of the contents of people’s fridges.

As his…

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Words of Wisdom Sunday (17.1224) #wowS

I have to pass along this reminder from Belle Papillon to all my readers and friends.

Belle Papillon 24/7

More things to be grateful for.

Think of these blessings… it’s more important than the material things you receive at Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!



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The Danger of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ in Society

This is an excellent article on the false and corrupting beliefs about the nature of society known as Social Darwinism.

The Blog at 2408

Social Darwinism: A Misappropriation of Natural Law onto Human Society

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker about the nature of human society. Was it progressing or regressing? Was it working just fine or was it broken beyond repair? Where are we headed? He had more pessimistic predictions than I did. To make a point during the discussion, he brought up the movie Idiocracy, a 2006 movie about a man who was frozen in a hibernation experiment, and as the Wikipedia article on it summarizes, “only to awaken 500 years later in a dystopian society where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant and that is devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights.” Is that where we are headed, as he argued?

My coworker also brought up Social Darwinism to explain his point of view. Humans have stopped living competitively…

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Stop Talking – An Open Letter to Matt Damon and his Damonites!

Devon says LISTEN

Devon J Hall

So a lot of people are really confused as to why so many of “Us” are angry with Matt Damon, the answer is both simple and incredibly complicated. I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Lua, it’s a much better post because of her influence, my earlier one was much angrier.

So without further adu, let’s put the last brick of my future in Hollywood into the ground shall we?

He does not get it, he is not a victim of sexual abuse, so he will never get it.

You cannot, no matter how hard you try, quantify abuse; one person’s experience being groped is actually incredibly equivalent to being raped.

Someone who had been raped once told me she knew how I felt, I smiled softly and said, “No you don’t sweetheart, you were raped once, I was raped repeatedly over more than twenty years

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