Where Do Stars Come From?

Devon offers her first attempt at a children’s story. Enjoy

Devon J Hall

This is my first attempt at a children’s story. I am in the process of creating three, one for Love, one for Life and one for Death (this is Death) for children, to teach them how to deal with complicated emotions. I am presenting this to you because I do not know when it will be finished and I desperately believe that Genn’s work must be showcased. 

When I went to Upwork.Com to find an illustrator I had no idea what I would get. What I found, was an artist who took one look at my words and pulled illustrations from my mind and was able to put them on the page. What I present to you now is not only amazing work by Genn Lotysh but work that I truly believe is exactly what I imagined as I was writing the poem. I am genuinely proud of my poem…

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“You Sound Happy”

Devon is challenged and shares it.

Devon J Hall

That’s what Kevin Bacon said today. Okay obviously his name isn’t really Kevin Bacon, but like…I feel like giving him a pseudonym, so I’m giving him Kevin Bacon – KB for short.

KB is my new counselor, and he’s pretty bad ass. He actually gets me – and weirdly are you ready? He didn’t ask me to start talking about my childhood trauma – I mean we talked about it, but we started with where I am “today” instead of where I was thirty years ago. Which is awesome because I am fucking sick and tired of thinking about and being triggered by shit that happened ten, twenty, thirty years ago.

I want to focus on the now.

One of the things we talked about was how to push my fiction writing. For starters, I know that the last year and a half – two years, I’ve settled on a…

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Devon writes of equality (means everybody) and sex, consensual and otherwise.

Devon J Hall

EQUALITYScreenshot_7I can’t believe I have to say this shit again, however clearly we need to have this conversation again, because some of you just do not fucking get it. Equality for All means that every body – every human, male female and those of you who haven’t decided yet, have the exact same rights as everyone else.


This was posted on my twitter stream today and I have to tell you that it pisses me off to no end. The fact that men feel as if they can’t come out and say “Yeah that’s happened to me. Yes I was sexually abused” pisses me off. Mostly because as a former victim and current survivor I know exactly how that feels.

I have come across more than one woman who deny that men can be sexually abused. Yes, honey they can. Just because a man saying no to sex is…

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10 Reasons Surrey, BC Sucks

Devon writes about her home town with her usual flair.

Devon J Hall

Now I’ve always hated the phrase “Surrey Girl” because for those of us who live here, the nickname isn’t pleasant. In Surrey, BC calling a woman a “Surrey Girl” usually means you have little to no respect for them. In short, you’re calling her a whore. Not cool.

That all being said I am without a doubt, a Surrey Girl. That is I am a girl from Surrey and since I’ve been here since I was sixteen, I honestly feel that I now have the right to say how I truly feel about this city.

So let’s start with the obvious shall we?

1Surrey is fucking boring. I love that we have so much nature around us, which is awesome I mean everywhere you look there are big beautiful luscious green trees. They match well with the green and gray buildings. Sadly it doesn’t look much better from close up. There…

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The Purge

Devon is purging, and its not about an eating disorder.

Devon J Hall

“If I want to get ahead I need to leave some people behind”

I just saw this on one of those internet tests and it hit a cord with me. Do you agree this might be true? I think it is.

Over the weekend, as I promised in my newsletter, I began the process of purging my home.

In recovery they teach you that putting too much emphasis on people places and things can destroy your life. It occurred to me that I have had far too much crap in my home. I found some beautiful memories while I was purging, like for instance my old journals – nearly all of them from ten years ago. And some wonderful books I forgot I owned, but a lot of the stuff I purged was just crap. Stuff I was holding on to.

You see the truth is that for the last…

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Thanks For Keeping Me Going

Mick keeps going.

Lipstick and Laundry

The hills, they lie.

Whether you’re a runner, a biker, a walker, or human being trying to muddle through life, the hills can reach up and grab you with their dirt, gravel,or asphalt arms. They choke you with an alternative reality and can convince you that you’re:

  • slow
  • old
  • fat
  • out of shape
  • out of touch
  • out of your mind
  • done

The hills can be the slopes you run, or a metaphor for obstacles.

I know this going into my morning runs, but all the positive affirmations in the world don’t seem to stop the feeling of:

I’m not going to make it

The summit is too far away

I’m dying 

Age and bad knees have taught me to be humble and gentle with myself, so it wasn’t a surprise that I struggled with that hill again this morning. What starts as an unobtrusive climb, continues for a mile of…

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10 positives about living with MS

Dinosaurs and Donkeys writes on MS as a teacher.

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

A few weeks ago me and Dizzy did a blog post on 10 things about living with MS for MS awareness month. Living with any chronic illness is ridiculously difficult but I wanted to counter my 10 things about living with MS and think about the positives that come from it. Sometimes you do really have to look for them but they are there!

‘At every moment of our lives, we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss.’ – Paulo Coelho

  1. Trying different things. Having MS means I can’t always do the things I use to do but this does mean I’ve had time to discover new things! This has included blogging, photography, volunteering and my splashing around classes.

‘You have no idea what you’re capable of until you try.’ – Unknown

2. Appreciating yourself more and learning to looking after yourself. Having MS has taught me the importance of looking after myself…

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An open letter to the Judges, Senators and Citizens of Canada, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Devon lays it on the line.

Devon J Hall

I Hereby give permission for anyone (including members of the press) to share, copy, post and paste the following blog post anywhere and everywhere in hopes that it helps 1 person from going through the things I have been through. – Devon J Hall aka SynDolly

Tonight I learned for certain that you do not support victims of sexual assault, nee Rape.

I learned that Judges, in open court said things like;

“Why didn’t she close her knees?”

“Inebriation equals consent”

“Young lady you should consider your behavior instead of crying rape after the fact.”

Lynn Beyak recently defended the Aboriginal School System.

I am shocked, and disgusted and not for the first time to be ashamed to be Canadian.

In the schools alone, six thousand children died – were murdered, because of the abuse they suffered.

Every day in Canada boys and girls, are taken from their families because of…

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And the Rain Still Falls

Jessica writes of a dark place, remembered, but no longer inhabited.

The Well Tempered Bards


Through my tears I hear a sound

Meant for me alone.

Faintly at first,

Then growing nearer.

The darkness that enfolds me

Is but a faint echo

Of the torment my soul hides.

The night closes in on me,

Accepting me,

Sheltering me.

Closer now,


The beating of drums.

Or is it my heart,

Long dead inside this shell

Called a body?

And still the rain falls

Around this empty soul

And what the rain hides

Remains a mystery.

For who knows

When the sun will shine again

On this darkening land?

Who knows when

The light will fill this beating heart

Just barely alive

Inside this body.

And the autumn forest

Hides all with its deadening leaves,

Covering the earth

With a blanket of mist.

And yet, a lone voice can be heard

Through the stillness.

The sweetness of its sound

Wails through the trees

And fills the…

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Attack of the (marriage) Killer Tomatoes

Tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere

Lipstick and Laundry

A few years ago, my boss introduced a fascinating book to our small group – StrengthFinders 2.0. The general concept was that humans spend too much time trying to improve upon our weaknesses instead of sharpening our skills in areas where each individual has the most talent. My co-workers and I took an intensive, validated test and then waited for the magic computer to spew out our secret super powers. In order, my top 5 strengths (with commentary) were:

Restorative: People strong in the Restorative theme are adept at dealing with problems. They are good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it. I still scratch my head at this one. Maybe they meant causing problems? I am the BOMB at that 🙂 

Discipline: People strong in the Discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create. Raises hand. First-born…

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