It is NEVER your fault

Devon encounters a sneaky creep taking up-skirt pics. She is a woman of action.

Devon J Hall

On Thursday night after a late night of doing some Pride stuff with the CJSF Pride crew, I left SFU Harbour Center in Vancouver and headed out to grab the train.

I ended up stopping because I saw this amazingly talented singer busking just outside the train station. Now Buskers are all over Vancouver, but this guy? This guy had the voice of an angel. It was one of those “This is really cool to see” moments.

I called the CJSF pride crew told them to come out and for about thirty minutes we hung, had some laughs and listened to some great tunes by a phenomenal singer.

It was one of those moments you know? One of those moments that seem insignificant at the time but later when you look back you realize, that was something special.

It was also one of those moments I think, that leads up…

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The (Third) Elephant In The Room: Yet Another Gender Q&A

Sam offers an update on a trans journey.

Let's Queer Things Up!

One reason why I’ve really enjoyed having a blog is being able to see how my views and self-insight have changed overtime. And this is why I’ve done a question & answer about my gender almost every year now — I want to demonstrate the ways in which gender can be fluid, and affirm that our ideas around identity and transition can shift or evolve (and yes, that’s totally okay!).

I’m a little late on this one (we’re like, halfway through 2017 now, can you believe it?), but if you’re new to the blog, this is something of a check-in to see where I’m at in my transition. And as always, if you have more questions, you can tweet me!

These are essentially the same questions as the last two years, with a few new ones thrown in that I’ve been coming across in my inbox lately. Here we go!

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Thanks For Keeping Me Going

Mick keeps going.

Lipstick and Laundry

The hills, they lie.

Whether you’re a runner, a biker, a walker, or human being trying to muddle through life, the hills can reach up and grab you with their dirt, gravel,or asphalt arms. They choke you with an alternative reality and can convince you that you’re:

  • slow
  • old
  • fat
  • out of shape
  • out of touch
  • out of your mind
  • done

The hills can be the slopes you run, or a metaphor for obstacles.

I know this going into my morning runs, but all the positive affirmations in the world don’t seem to stop the feeling of:

I’m not going to make it

The summit is too far away

I’m dying 

Age and bad knees have taught me to be humble and gentle with myself, so it wasn’t a surprise that I struggled with that hill again this morning. What starts as an unobtrusive climb, continues for a mile of…

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