Yes, I’m talking about the current President of these United States. He was able to say, after a week of avoiding the question, that antisemitic threats, attacks, and vandalism are “horrible and painful.” Curiously, this came after a tour of the Museum of African-American History, with, so far as I’ve heard, no mention of crimes against Black people. How that might fit together is a mystery too strange to contemplate. Still, he said some right words. He even said, “It will stop.” He talked the talk.

I’ve asked myself, “What would he need to do to show me he can and will Walk The Walk that goes with those words?” What can a President do to make it stop? I came up with two actions and a context.

THE CONTEXT: A Prime Time address on TV carried by all the services from the Oval Office with lots of PR build up, but no preview or leak of the content.

THE ACTIONS: Live on TV he would read aloud and sign the needed Executive Orders and/or Memoranda to accomplish two things. The text of those documents would be clearly seen and readable on screen.

Action 1: To return all the domestic, non-Muslim hate groups formerly included in the Terrorism Watch List to that list, immediately.

Action 2: Direct the Attorney General and the Director of the FBI and (if appropriate) the Director of Homeland Security to expeditiously, thoroughly, and aggressively investigate all reported hate crimes and prosecute the perpetrators and their organizations, and assist State and Local law enforcement systems in doing the same. He would make fighting hate crimes, regardless of who the victims may be, or who the perpetrators may be, a top priority.

Some might ask, “What about terrorism?” Is that not also a hate crime? Or, rather, are not hate crimes, whom ever toward or by, not terrorism?

That is what really walking that talk would look like. That is what truly keeping the Presidential Oath of Office in this regard would look like.

Might he do this? I’m not holding my breath. Words are easy for him. And, some people do seem to have taken this President’s election (and, his choices in some of his advisers) as a sign that their time has come to have permission to act out their hatreds. He would be disappointing them. But he has said he does not share their prejudices, and that may be true. His actions will speak louder, in either direction, than his words.

Fantastic Meme Found in Crested Butte

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Susie reports a find

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

bikes leaning across trail Telluride

Danny and I biked on a trail through Crested Butte. As we rode out of town, we noticed a gathering of people taking pictures. We dropped our bikes, walked up to the cement post, and cracked up.

Things I hate meme from Crested Butte

I would love to meet the person who tagged it. This is my kind of humor.

If you had the opportunity and courage to tag, what would yours say?

I would tag mine:

Things I love –

1 . Respect for property

2 . Natural selection

3 . Sarcasm

I still like the other one better.

Have you ever tagged anything? A wall? A desk? A tree? Would you?

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Ain’t No Sunshine When He’s Gone

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The Skinny One remembers the important thing.

Skinny and Single


It was the worst day of my life.

There was no smell of coffee greeting me at the top of the stairs.

There was no coffee waiting for me on the table.

In the kitchen, there was no coffee brewing, there was no coffee at all.

The darkest, saddest and coldest day of my life.

The day after my husband moved out.

I sat on the couch, confused, alone and devastated.

What would I do?

How would this work now?

How would I ever get past the heartbreak and the loss?

The pain and sadness overwhelmed me. It was almost too much. I fought back tears as I looked around the lonely, cold room.

The solution came to me as I sat there crying.

Go and buy yourself a coffee. Go and buy yourself a coffee.

Good. As. New.


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I heard on the news this afternoon some spokesperson for somebody (probably the guy in the White House) using the term, “politically motivated” to dismiss as somehow irrelevant or unimportant the law suit that resulted in the release of a vast trove of emails between the then Attorney General of Oklahoma and the fossil fuel industry. Suddenly the utter nonsense of that struck me. Of course it is politically motivated. It is politics. The plaintiffs wanted to find out what someone holding elective office had been doing, or, in this case, confirm their well founded suspicions of what he had been doing. That is a political act.

adjective: political: relating to the government or the public affairs of a country.

Lets get this straight, if anybody does something in the political realm it is politically motivated. They are trying to accomplish some goal relating to the government or the public affairs of a country. That includes the silly formula of criticizing an action as “politically motivated”. In fact the phrase is very nearly redundant. Political actions do not happen by random chance. Somebody is motivated to decide to do them.

I want this particular abuse of our language and logic, this bit of Double Speak boiler plate, to go away. Oh, well, fat chance of that.

BTW, yes, that bought and paid for public official was doing exactly what we all knew he was doing all along, with clear political motivation. Surprise, Surprise!

Warrior of Avoidance

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Read Alfa’s words and understand



He wanted me to explain it…

Tell him why I wore distance affixed to my soul like a badge of honor.

And I wanted to tell him. I really did. But I didn’t know where to begin.  How do you find the origin? For as long as I can remember I’ve felt that people are bad. That they were put on this earth to judge me. Nit-pick. Find my flaws and highlight them.  I feared strangers as a child, but if I’m honest I feared people in general. With people come hidden agendas, and intentions, and I was always taught to be on guard. Not trusting people was ingrained into my core, and I’ve lived wielding a sword for a lifetime now.

I am the Warrior of Avoidance.

I knew something wasn’t right when I was 11.

I didn’t want to go outside and play with other kids. Just the…

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Gathering Dust – S.L.Heaton

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Nicole brings us Shawna with epiphanies – bitter to sweet

The Lithium Chronicles

I wore it for you every day for eight years…strong and proud…hoping you would see…but you never did and made me feel as if I wasn’t worthy. So my heart just sat there on my sleeve gathering dust and my knees became bloodied and bruised from crawling after you…begging…a futile attempt to acquire what I so desperately needed. Epiphanies are strange…like sour candies…bitter at the onset and sweet in the center and it took eight more years to hit that sweet spot…in the meantime I took that old dusty heart and tucked it away like a keepsake in a treasure chest, for what I don’t know, but it no longer pined for you…and the pleas that fell on deaf ears would never again be uttered from my silent mouth because I realized that standing felt so much better than groveling. And again, epiphanies are strange sometimes, like the one that…

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5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Mood

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Veronike reminds us of the simple things.

Daisies and Darkness

If you’re waiting for life to get back in tune with you.Don’t bother.

Life sends us experiences that might have a few bad notes, or out of key tunes, but it’s up to you to never allow them to interrupt the song you want to sing.

Your life song matters. It’s a unique signature of who you are.

I know it’s not always easy to stay upbeat when the news is bad, work isn’t fun, kids or partners are trouble, and all you really want to do is stay in bed and hide.

It’s not easy to stay upbeat, but it is possible to boost your mood even when you’re surrounded by chaos and trouble.

Don’t say you can’t.

Yes you have fear to overcome, loved ones who might be a challenge,work or business issues that seem insurmountable, but you must take a step back and refill your…

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