Christine Ray – Memories

Brave & Reckless

silken strands
and finely spun
compose the
knotted memory
that holds you
fast and taut
close to
my heart
gentle tugs
and pulls
they stubbornly
refuse to
relax their grip
each moment
we shared
a hand-tied pearl
in a necklace
of silver thorns
and longing

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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One Year Ago Today: I Am A Run On Sentence

Christine Ray – Words pour forth.

Brave & Reckless

I am a run on


too many ideas

ping pong

through my head

too many fragments

of me

run amok

across the page

of my life

no patience

with punctuation

no place left

to pause

for breath


always hurtling


afraid to stop

too long

to rest

hesitant to


each phrase

on its own

in its weighty


wary of pausing

to consider





reluctant to allow

each element

of my sentence

to sit

for a moment

and breathe. . .


© 2017 Revised 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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TheFeatheredSleep – A litany against illness



I’ve been told I’m a chronic pain in the ass

after all, it’s easy to destroy a child in an adult’s body

with past-tense words

and now in the time I’m meant to be at my strongest

chronic has visited me and stayed a long while

on a good day I think; This will not be forever

but temporary has always been a long way off

the doctors love to tell us; It’s incurable, get used to

living like this, hostage to something unknown and strange

as if that’s a normal thing to do

but if enough of us live with chronic illness, it will become normal

and that is not a good thing.


I took chances because you think

I’m invulnerable, sometimes I can fly

health you take for granted

though I truly convinced myself I had checked the boxes

right weight, exercise, organic, vegetables, no pre-made meals

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Anthology – accepting poems

TheFeatheredSleep – Indie Blu(e) Publishing is accepting submissions of lesbian poetry for an anthology.


Indie Blu(e) Publishing will be releasing an Anthology of Lesbian Poets later in 2019. Themes of this Anthology will include identity, coming out, relationship, family, love, loss, and sensuality (rather than graphic erotica.) The deadline for submissions is June 16, 2019. Submissions can be sent directly to and should be accompanied by a brief biography not to exceed 75 words.

The maximum number of submissions per writer is FIVE.

Writing should be submitted as a Word or PDF attachment. If you choose to submit a poetry meme, the meme must be accompanied by the text in a Word or PDF version.

Artwork for the Anthology is also being accepted and must be able to be reproduced clearly in black and white.

Questions? Contact Candice Daquin at

Thank you for your interest.

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Eye of the Beholder

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Learning

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I was starving to matter once, worth my weight regardless of how heavy my heart was, turning a blind eye to the emptiness that only registered as stone cold in the mirror of my own eyes. And in that mirror of my own eyes, every single thing staring back was not even worth seeing. The scale of my mind only tripped the fault lines of definitions pounded into me my whole life of what beauty really was and it was never in the eye of the beholder, but all the other eyes watching. The ones that didn’t matter, the ones that looked but did not see. The ones looking through, touching but never holding and so I learned to hold myself at arms length away from the microscope of other peoples eyes. I learned to look inside my own heart, dig through all the baggage, unlearn the bullshit hardwired inside…

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One Year Ago Today: Cold Bone and Ash

Christine Ray – Surviving the toxic

Brave & Reckless

I did not mean
to breathe in your toxic air
studded with accusations
but my gas mask failed
and your cloud of words
penetrated like the discharge
from a shotgun full of metal pellets
Unable to discern objective truth
from your self-serving fictions
my lungs are left full to bursting
with particulate gray mist
that I choke on
creating minute tears
in my windpipe
threatening my voice
Your casual disregard of my truths
your willingness to exploit my weaknesses
cold bone introduction
of a dagger to my heart
Did you mean to muzzle me
like a rabid dog
with shame
with guilt?
You forget that I have mastered
living with the constant bleeding
while breathing in the darkness
and spinning blood and ash into ink
that sears across the parchment

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

This piece was inspired by the line “Cold bone introductions” in…

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Woman Seeking Poetry

Christine Ray – A search

Brave & Reckless

i am looking
for poetry
in every day
the story
in the pulse
of a day
i am looking
for beauty
in the moth
on my
the music
of spring breezes
mussing my hair
i am seeking
the place
at the core
of my soul
where words
used to
like fine grains
of sand
on the banks
of my shore

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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The Ache of My Bones

Christine Ray – An enduring loss

Brave & Reckless

Inspired by Sarah Doughty’s A Way Out

I feel you in my bones
deep within the marrow
your name written
crimson and ivory
on platelets
and leukocytes
I reach out my hand
but still you slip away
so much crystalized
crushed calcium
leaving me brittle
bitter scars of ossification
only proof that you once
dwelled within me

Image courtesy of Pinterest

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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One Year Ago Today: Running with the Wolves (revisited)

Christine Ray – Wild and free

Brave & Reckless

Moon full
shining on skin
frost crunching
under bare feet
breath a vaporous cloud
in chill night air
I do not feel the cold
shiver only from the thrill

Mournful cry
of my brothers and sisters
in the still night
calls to me
sings of adventures
to be shared
pulses in my veins
awakens the hunter
lures me to the pack

I give up
my fear
my humanity
I offer
rich red blood
burning passion
that smolders deep
I embrace
the night
heady freedom
I am running with the wolves tonight

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


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