just out of reach

TheFeatheredSleep – Memory & Longing


Even as I tie my shoes,

the distraction in my chest feels like you

has your taste on my lips, wetted with

unspoken remonstration

time can pass so fast, until years are bundled into telegraphs

yellowing with their swollen journey

still so few stand out, make themselves remarkable

just by their bloodied being

those who shine, one in a thousand, more, tops of heads

in a crowd, who gets the crown?

With everyone chiming for attention, I give it to you

even as you do not ask , such is my cinema of devotion

watching the replay in my mind, every turn

lifted wrists, precious movement, chiseled in memory

if you asked me I’d know exactly how you felt

even without touching, the xylophone of your small ribs

for I have spent hours sculpting your shape

these silhouettes and textures known by one

who watches ever observant, silent in her…

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Cal for Submissions – personal.

Pattimouse seeks Grandmother stories.


Ok. I am doing this as a personal project. I am putting together my grandmother’s stories and poetry my boyfriend’s grandmother wrote. But I want it to reflect the wisdom of all grandmothers. So here is my request.

Do you have a story that you remember your grandmother (abuela) telling? Or a bit of poetry they wrote that you would love to see in print? Try submitting it for this anthology. I am busier than I have any reason to expect – so I am setting the deadline for December first with a expected publishing date of the first of January.

I am also accepting art. I only ask that it is from your grandmothers. And that you are able to give consent for me to publish it.

To submit email the creation and a small introduction (preferred with a picture) of your grandma who created it. The address for…

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Sometimes you have a choose a side, sometimes you have to fight even if you hate fighting

TheFeatheredSleep – Manifesto of a fighter – Picking a side is an active thing, not passive.


I’ve always been a fighter. I didn’t have a choice. But this isn’t about me.

This is about those who stay out of it, who don’t fight. Long I have admired this tendency among some people to avoid confrontation or fighting, because life is short, friends are precious, fighting is bitter and ugly, we need more joy and beauty.

That said, it is from a position of privilage you did not fight. You had a choice.

Some of us do not have a choice.

If I had a black face you’d agree, you’d be nodding right now.

But you don’t think other causes are as worthy as BLM which you will post about and defend. And they are, they are as worthy, they are as important and that doesn’t diminish BLM.

I’d like to stay in a place of tranquility too but I have never been able to. Maybe you…

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A NEw Call to Action: Call YOUR Senator about #RBG’s Replacement

Calico Jack has lots of reasons to call you MOC and Senators.

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

22 SEPTEMBER: It’s been too long between updates to Call Your MoC, but #RBG’s passing has prompted the next installment, Call Your Senator about Replacing #RBG. Call your senator TODAY!

Call Your MoC About

Mea Culpa

This is my solution to the problems with trying to post about bills and issues that we as members of the informed electorate should be contacting our members of Congress about. A weekly column proved to be too much both timewise for a part-time blogger and a full-time citizen as well as taking up too much space on the front…

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How to cope with political learned helplessness in an age of Trump and DeVos

Hope versus helplessness

O Society

Keepin’ On Katy Cribbs Feb 10, 2017

I know I was not alone in feeling crushed by the confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Sure, we all knew it was likely she would be confirmed, it would take incredible pressure and a moral awakening on the part of a few more Republicans to turn the tide.

So we called and wrote and emailed and tweeted and posted on Facebook and took to the streets with incredibly clever signage, and it seemed like all our friends were doing the same.

And still she was confirmed.

Moments like these, moments all too common and soul-crushing in the last month, can make us question our ability to actually affect change. What power do our phone calls and protest signs have against millions of dollars? The last few weeks – and the associated shock/horror/dismay – led to numerous articles on self-care for the…

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Don’t go home tonight

TheFeatheredSleep – Please, stay


Don’t go home tonight

don’t leave this warm circle we built with our skin and bones

I killed an ant earlier and I felt badly

as I had watched it climb up a book and grab on to a little morsel

it has always made me feel remorseful for killing even the smallest creature

I don’t eat flesh for that reason

aside, you, I eat you, feast upon, alive and laughing your deep throated mirth

it never occurred to me one day I would have in my arms

the vibrating surround of a whole woman

the majesty of her glory, how she shifts like light

from somber to ejubilent in the fracture of a moment

women are not easy creatures, to tame a little, or keep satisfied

their minds, their bodies, are compartments of mystery

open the same drawer twice, out comes a different response

I will never understand or…

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Creativity Prompt Challenge: Mad World

A creative opportunity

Brave & Reckless

Like many of you, the last six months have taken a significant toll on me physically, emotionally, and cognitively.  I have been a sporadic blogger at best, sharing more information about Indie Blu(e) Publishing and other writers’ work than my own.  It has been so hard to decide what actually matters when 2020 keeps throwing punch after punch.  The loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg yesterday has simply gutted me and has me feeling like I am living in a prequel to The Handmaid’s Tale.

I am thinking that many of us could use a creative outlet this week as our social media feeds are full of photos of orange skies, vitriol filled political rants, and fear for the future.  In honor of Pentatonix’ powerful and haunting cover released earlier this week, I have decided to host a ‘Mad World’ Creativity Prompt Challenge.  Hopefully it will help us write out some…

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