Pale skinned mixed-race

TheFeatheredSleep – More than meets the eye


What they see

when they do not see

anything but the cloth over bones

its hue and texture

I won’t be given a chance to illustrate

whether I possess the kinetic DNA within my manifestation

for it matters not

to anyone, you are holding within you

a rainbow, when the color you inhabit

through lottery and variance

dissuades them from believing

you are anything but

that plain, dreary composite of the conquer

able to get a seat at North-side restaurants

while others are told; sorry we’re taking bookings

for next week

in that experience there lies a divide

sometimes between siblings, one fair, one keening

toward onyx

while I observe the differentiation

like the whet of a sharp knife carving out marrow

I would ask

do not make the mistakes your subjugators revelled in

invite your sisters of a lighter hue

sometimes we sit here watching you

braid your hair…

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The Civil War Never Ended: The Racist Deep Culture Foundation of Trump’s Insurrection Riot (part 3)

Calico Jack – Deep Racism

The Psy of Life

This is the third installment of a three, but maybe we’re going to expand it to four, part series on the racist deep culture that is driving the political divide in the US. The first post laid the foundation by defining and discussing deep culture and how it linked to Trump’s insurrection riot and his Big Lie about the election. The second one examined the lingering influences of our Puritan and Calvinist forebears. And, this third one will look at how our racist deep culture has caused the worst compromises over race in our country. We’ll begin with a quick review of deep culture and the views of Puritans and Calvinists that have made it into American culture.

Introducing Deep Culture and the Contributions of the Puritans and Calvinists

Deep culture is the unconscious collection of beliefs, norms, and values that form the foundation…

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HASTY – The care and feeding of the mind


There are people who never learn to look forward. Past themselves. Past their own desires. Sacrifice is a word they’ve assigned false meaning to.

They blame others for their failures. And even when they do blame themselves they desperately need someone else to do the work to save them. They seek to garner sympathy for their lot in life as if it was cast upon them by the roll of the dice.

I see them. They give up. They self destruct. They consume kindness and love turning it bitter. They spiral like torpedoes into a black hole filled with the pain of self-loathing. And they take others with them.

I’ve been in that hole. I clawed my own way out. I blame only myself for my failures and I punish myself for those things I shouldn’t take credit for. So I get it. The pain of it.

But I’m lucky…

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The Civil War Never Ended: The Racist Legacy of Puritanism and Calvinism in White Deep Culture (part 2)

Calico Jack – How we got to be so exceptional

The Psy of Life

This is the second installment of a series of three exploring the resilient racist cultural roots of our resilient racist issues in our culture. The first installment introduced the concept of deep culture and explored the links to Trump’s insurrection and Big Lie about the election. The third edition will conclude by discussing the cultural war that forced us to compromise with racism in the Constitution, during Reconstruction, and beyond. This post will take a deepish dive into the foundation of racism, discrimination, and white identity that Puritanism and Calvinism laid n our white psyches. But, first, let’s review the definition and implications of deep culture.

Deep culture is the set of assumptions, norms, and values that underpin our behaviors and mental processes. In other words, if two people view the same scene, the closer their interpretation, understanding, and reaction to it, the greater…

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Je suis désolé de n’avoir pas été comme tu

TheFeatheredSleep – Irreplaceable



what seemed like forever

and was perhaps

some lost sand

sifting through light

slower when observed

turning like eager sun dial

face capturing shape and shadow

as the moon faced women

blue in Picasso’s rough brush

your edges sleek impossibly

by Masters deft curve, mimicking

nature readily, surely as time will

erode the fullness of our cheeks

your high bones hold you up

that half smile imperceptable

through memory shaking her

coat free of rain drops

as we drift further into long night.

I recall being good at Tug of War

in school with my artex white shirt rolled up

the thin fabric of my skirt flapping

dangerously high, leaning in for the pull

boys on the other end heaving, purposing

(this was always about more than a rope you know)

their extraordinary need to dominate and

our quiet, tugging urgency to defy

even then I might have…

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The Civil War Never Ended: The Racist Deep Culture of Trumpism (part 1)

Calico Jack – America’s problem about race is fundamental

The Psy of Life

Wednesday 6 January will forever be remembered as Trump’s Insurrection Riot Day. It is the day that he wound MAGA Nation up, pointed them at Congress, and let them go to wreck mischief and mayhem. What he didn’t know — I’m convinced of it — was that various militia, Boogaloo Bois, and Proud Boys groups had made plans to use the mob as cover to advance their own nefarious operations namely accelerating the beginning of the race war, and overthrowing the national government.

There is solid evidence that they were planning on detaining Congress people and assassinating them. Namely, they were chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” had erected a gallows outside and had hung a noose from a tree. Then, there were the pictures of the young men running around with zip-tie flexicuffs. Most of the boys with the cuffs concealed their identities with hats and masks. Most of them…

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