#OctPoWriMo Day 13-If I Were You

At The Well Tempered Bards, Jesi Scott – What if we could walk a mile in each other’s hearts?

The Well Tempered Bards

If I Were You

By Jesi Scott

If I were you

If you were me

Perhaps you’d see

Perhaps you’d be

The one I’d crave

The one to save

Save my life

Save my world

World in my heart

World torn apart

Apart from this

Apart and dismissed

Dismissed from here

Dismissed to disappear

Disappear from life

Disappear from view

View my hurt

View my pain

Pain everlasting

Pain forecasting

Forecasting to amend

Forecasting the end

End the history

End my misery

Misery of us

Misery in exodus

Exodus of the end

Exodus to begin

Begin again

Begin and feign

Feign these feelings

Feign these meanings

Meanings that lie

Meanings that cry

Cry a river

Cry and deliver

Deliver the package

Deliver the message

Message left behind

Message that’s over

Over and out

Over and without

Without a word

Without a doubt

Doubt you

Doubt me

Me in truth


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What Jesus might have meant by “the way to life is narrow”

Beth Caplin has questions, hard ones.

Sarahbeth Caplin

keith-bremner-555491-unsplashIs Jesus Christ the only way to heaven?

I struggle a lot with this question- I know many Christians do. It’s a particularly nasty struggle for me, because if the answer is yes, that means everyone in my family is going, or has gone, to the dark place. I wrestle with God quite a bit over it.

While I’m not one to say “God told me” (because how would I know for sure?), here is what I think he is communicating, after years of reading the historical and cultural context behind verses like “The path of destruction is wide, but the way of life is narrow, and few will find it”:

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The deepest cut

TheFeatheredSleep – The adding of insult to infirmity



It doesn’t take much to knock a bruised fruit to the floor

watch it split apart like rotted glass, shards of damp skin in slow motion

try as I might, I AM that bruised fruit

try as I might, I cannot seem to recover myself back to where

once took for granted, the feeling of wellness

it doesn’t help when someone you loved abandons you

in the middle of your darkest hour

things like that aren’t supposed to happen

people who swear allegiance and loyalty aren’t meant to

be the ones leaving your side

such is the hour and fickle fan of illnesses devour

at least I know I’d never treat someone, that poorly

despite this and because of it, healing is slower

though I suspect anything less than fire would be

I didn’t know these things beforehand

the un-annointed do not possess future perspective

to see how illness strips…

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#tbt Shattered Mirror

Christine Ray – Rage at a bad start to the day

Brave & Reckless

Woke up wrong side of the bed

all pins and needles

porcupine quills

thunder and lightening

Throbbing nerves at the base of my spine

spreading tendrils of electricity out through my body

my fingertips and toes tingling

until I want to scream

from the tension that is building

Want to throw a rock

at my reflection

break the mirror

unleash whatever monster

is calling from the other side

welcome her home into my arms

twirl her around until we are a blur

dance ’til our feet bleed

until the boundaries dissolve

and we become one

Throw our heads back

in reckless laughter

wicked delight

Time to breathe fire

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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#OctPoWriMo Day 12-Tortured

Jesi Scott presents a poetic tale of bad relationship at The Well tempered Bards.

The Well Tempered Bards


By Jesi Scott

You don’t like what I say?

Silence my words with your

                                Wicked twists.

Knife-stabbed heart through the back,

I turned and you were gone.

                                Blood-dipped fingertips

                                Leaving vermillion-dripped

                                Evidence along the floor.

Cut me down to your level,

Force-fed diamond lies you

                                Shove in my throat.

Ignore the damage you leave in your wake;

Hurricane hiding in an empty face.

                                Victim-played the lines greyed,

                                Oath-bound promises filleted

                                And arrayed on a silver platter.

Leave me bare now

                                Huddled on the cold, hard floor.

Black-bruised heart left scarred,

You turn your back and go.

                                Unrestrained lies contained

                                Leaving your blood-stained

                                Reputation maintained.

*Day 12 of the challenge brings us to feeling tortured. When things don’t go well in a relationship we…

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Jan Malique finds the name of a new character.


photo-1498474262072-81debb925480 Toa Heftiba at Unsplash

I had an odd thought today, one of many over the years dear readers! Our new resident in the Shed has been sparking speculation and intrigue since taking up lodgings. We’ve wondered about his origins, and mulled over the man’s lineage at great length.

What does this woman do to satisfy her curiosity? She goes looking for a name, a Sumerian name. Is he human or a god?  My eyes settled on a name of a deity of vegetation and the underworld. It seems I’m fated to never stray far from infernal deities…

“I heard that!” a voice shouts from one corner of the Shed. It seems His Nibs is affronted by my remark. Or so he likes to pretend.

Where was I? A name. So, the scene is set for an unfolding and opening of doors. It seems our resident is indicating (in not very subtle…

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