It is generally a bad thing for a Mob Boss when one of his closest agents has to make a deal with the feds (something Merrick Garland knows very well).

Reality Check: The IRS deals with money, not guns.

So what is CRT actually about? Exactly what is happening.

Golf carts instead of sports cars? Interesting

Can We Create a Better World by Just Wishing for it?

Candice Louisa Daquin – Between happiness and unhappiness, life


By Candice Louisa Daquin

The wish to laugh and shrug off differences that create unhappiness and wars is a universal one. The majority of us want to avoid unhappiness at any cost. There is however, a downside to trying to avoid unhappiness by being too open about unhappiness. When we begin to pathologize everything as a disorder, we may inadvertently neglect our ability to generate better mental health.

Before mental illness was discussed en mass, it was private and considered shameful. This had obvious detrimental effects on those suffering, but one could also argue there was a benefit to not making everything so extremely public. Like with any argument, there are pros and cons to how far we publicize mental health. The extreme of ignoring it, didn’t work. But does the extreme of talking about it to death, really help people as much as we think?

In the second…

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Was Trump’s Horde of Secret Documents a Product of Executive Dysfunction?

Calico Jack – Mastermind, or messy toddler?

The Psy of Life

Since writing The Mysterious Case of the Narcissist and the Horde of Secret US Documents new reporting has surfaced — I KNOW, it’s been ONE day! — suggesting that Trump may not have known about the plethora of secret documents hidden away in his pool-side storage closet. Hunh. How is that possible?

If this reporting is to be believed, Trump’s horde of state secrets is all a product of his executive dysfunction, the inability to organize your life and regulate your emotions and other bodily functions. The opposite is executive functioning. We’ll summarize the reporting and then discuss.

Executive functionsconsist of several mental skills that help the brain organize and act on information. These skills enable people to plan, organize, remember things, prioritize, pay attention and get started on tasks. They also help people use information…

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HASTY – A question of love and memory


Were you remembering

All the baseball games

As you sat on your porch

Listening as kids played

A few blocks away

The cheers and the boos

The random loud cracks

As ball met bat

Were you thinking of youth

Would you have given anything

To go back for a day

To wear a uniform

Sit in the dugout waiting

For your chance to run

And I just wonder

Now that you are dead

Did it follow you there

Wherever “there” is

This all consuming love

Are you still remembering

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Well, here’s an idea that would be a great relief to Julian Assange and kindle joy in the hearts of leaders and intelligence agents (spies) in many capitals, most, but maybe not all of them our competitors and adversaries. It is probably a mistake to drain the swamp when the alligators have been busy keeping the pirates away.

Wired provides a guide to the various classifications and types of documents that may be under discussion. It is actually quite interesting is a wonky kind of way.

Just hearing the facts, or reading them, seldom changes someone’s world view, but keeping an open mind is possible with practice.

Explaining consciousness with the theory of relativity? It’s not that strange when it is all about having a point of view.

What a person finds funny and their favored kind of humor to use can tell you something about their personality, at least when they are inclined toward the dark side.

Want to help make the environment healthier and more resilient? Send in the wolves and beavers.

The central valley of California is like a big, very big, bathtub with just one drain hole at the Golden Gate, and it has history of storms that can fill it up. More of those are increasingly likely.