Does Donald Trump Appeal To Men With Peener Insecurity? NYU Did Science To It! – Wonkette

Calico Jack finds some research on what might be called vicarious manhood.

The Psy of Life

This article is one written for my own heart: it’s psychologiey, snarky, sarcasticky, and profaney. But wait, there’s more: it has dick jokes AND it reports the science as it actually is not how we want it to be as is so often the case in the reporting on science.

I saw a link post by a twit on Twitter that described it as science fact! OMG all of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s supporters have small dicks! As Doc Zoom makes clear in his reporting on the matter that there is a correlation between a proxy variable for penis-size concerns and voting for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber who doesn’t have any concern about the size of his member and his hands are normal-sized hands stop staring!

There may or may not be a strong connection between googling Viagra, penis pumps, and penis enlargement surgery and penis insecurity. However, these areas…

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I Am the Sorrow

Christine Ray – When color is drained from the world

Brave & Reckless

Some days I do not just feel sorrow
Some days I am the sorrow
I am the grey sky
That threatens spitting snow
I am the heaviness in your limbs
Your shuffling gait
Reluctance to get
Where you are expected

Some days
I am the sorrow
The stark, leafless, skeletal
Branches of the trees
Dwelling in the in-between
Of not quite late autumn
Not quite early winter
That borderline of the seasons
When light is dwindling
And the darkness grows

Some days
I am the wistfulness
That longing for your younger self
When time stretched endlessly
Before you
The world full of possibility
And the crisp taste of golden fruit

Some days
I am the very ache in your chest
That you feel
When you despair of ever
Finding your soul mate
Who must be out there wandering
In this same twilight
Desperately longing

To find you


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There Are Still 24 Hours Left To Enter The We Will Not Be Silenced Big Book Giveaway!

Still time, but not much

Brave & Reckless

In honor of the launch of We Will Not Be Silenced, we are holding an amazing Big Book Giveaway! Two lucky winners in the U.S. or Canada will receive an assortment of six books each, including a copy of We Will Not Be Silenced. A lucky International winner will receive four books, including We Will Not Be Silenced.

Entering is simple! Just sign up for Indie Blu(e) Publishing’s Newsletter at There is no cost to enter. Winners will be selected at random on December 15, 2018.

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Hasty – Not feeding the negative voices, but knowing what they’re up to


There are people everyday with a variety of mental disorders doing very courageous things by any standard. Focus on your abilities. Strengthen them. Starve the nasty voices in your head that say you aren’t good enough and feed the voices that are cheering you on.

We all have that critical voice that seems to be against our growth. It sabotages our success before we even start. It is the voice that causes us to be irrationally on the defensive.

It’s good to listen to the voice from a neutral stance. We should pay attention and examine why we slipped into a bad mood all of the sudden. Or why we get upset when a song comes on or when certain phrases are uttered.

Only by knowing what our negative voice is whispering can we stop feeding it the reactions it craves. We can starve the voices.

Not only are you…

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#tbt Loss is an Ocean

Christine Ray – Remembering the lost

Brave & Reckless

I stand on the shore

of an ocean named loss

where my eyes are always

drawn to the horizon

scanning encroaching fog

for the outlines

of those I have loved

of those I have lost

How many empty shapes

have been etched on my soul

like shadow

like negatives of photographs

from those who have been torn away

from this world

from my life

by the raging tides?


written in my blood

on the golden sands

in calligraphy



caging my heart

like delicate silver filigree

I am called to the sea

to sing their names

one by one

to the dawn tide

ancient shanties

of the women who have waited

women who know loss

like an element

a mineral

mixed in the marrow of their bones

I will sing steady and pure

refresh their memories

recall their meaning

for the rising sun

the fading moon

letting nothing be forgotten

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Bah, Humbug

Christine Ray – Not exactly in the “spirit”

Brave & Reckless

This was written in December of 2016, in the middle of an epic bout of depression.  As you might imagine, I couldn’t quite get my jolly on that December. . .

My mood 
simply has no respect 
for the date 
December 7th
the calendar announces 
but I am not cheerful 
holiday spirit 
is not what has been 
filling my soul

I did not realize 
until I moved to this neighborhood 
that competitive 
Christmas decorating 
is a thing
it starts the day after Thanksgiving  
before the turkey and stuffing sandwiches 
have been made 
I feel badly for neighbors 
who are Jewish 
or minimalists 
there is no escaping 
Christmas here

In the past 
I have enjoyed 
the technicolor displays 
ranging from lovely 
to holy 
to more is more
to profane 
I am still mulling 
which category 
the inflatable T-rex 
rocking a Santa hat 
wrapped gift clutched in claws 

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Hasty – When the Whispers came


The whispers came

Quietly scampering

As if in a dusty attic

“Go away” she cried

Hoping they’d listen

You don’t matter

They would taunt

You never did

You never will

They continued

“Go away” she cried

Trying to mute them

But they stayed

And they fed

On her anxiety

On her frustration

On her self doubt

On her pain

Growing louder

Growing bolder


She stopped crying

She stopped hearing

She stopped hoping

And slept

And slept

And slept

Just long enough

For the voices

To starve

Void of her emotions

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Young Wolf

Christine Ray – Ode to a friend.

Brave & Reckless

For Peter, who is gravely ill in ICU with viral meningitis.  I am holding you in the light, my old friend. 


sunk our adult friendship

my insistence

black lives matter

collided against

your thin blue line

shower of defensive red sparks

yet you still cross my mind

I remember

15 year old boy

dirty blond hair

spilling over one blue eye

snaggle-tooth smile

crushing hard on another girl

on our island of misfit toys

can’t remember when

ground started to shift

on tectonic plates

pushing us onto the same continent

until we were stealing first kisses

in blue twilight

mosquitoes feasting on our legs

seamless transition

from you + I

to us

your hackles raised

police dog on alert

every timehewas near

didn’t need to tell you

you instinctively knew

something waswrong

the way he looked at me

talked to me

baited me

punished me


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An invitation from Brave And Reckless

Brave & Reckless

There is still time to participate in the Brave and Reckless Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge!

This December, my thoughts have turned to the simple pleasures of the winter holidays. I have reached the age where I am a little weary of material possessions- well, unless it’s a book. There’s always room in my life for more books.  And I am pretty hustled and bustled out.  No matter what holiday you honor this time of year, I would love to read your writing about the things that don’t come with ribbons and bows that feed your soul (or that you long for) this time of year.

The Guidelines

  1. Send me a 25 to 500 word original, previously unpublished piece (and by that, I mean don’t post it on your blog before I publish it on BraveandReckless) focused on the things that are truly meaningful to you this time of year. It can…

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“Sawinery”: woodworking as PTSD/C-PTSD art therapy.

LuckyOtter – A different form of therapy.

Lucky Otters Haven



Once in a while my readers reach out to me with questions, their own stories about abuse, or projects they are working on.  I can’t respond to all of these, but I do appreciate when my readers want to share things with me.    Occasionally, something stands out so much to me or is so innovative that I feel like it might be of help to other readers, so I asked the person who sent me the email about this if I could share it on my blog.

Sawinery is a blog about the woodworking world.

Woodworking? Why would I want to include an article about that?  It’s not a topic I’ve ever written about and isn’t the kind of thing I do write about.   But this is different, because the blog’s owner told me they have started to explore the power of woodworking as therapeutic healing art…

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