The Struggle is Probably Imaginary

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The Shameless One on a variety of topics.

That Shameless Hussy

Because it’s time for a short, peppy listicle post! And because I am dying of boredom in a waiting room. *drinks Ensure* So here goes. I thought it would be best to stick with what I (don’t) know.

Ten things that I don’t understand and/or like:

  1. “21 Day Yoga Shred.” Is that like “Death by Organic GMO Free Vanilla” or “Triple X Canoodling?” Yes, I know, that yoga is awesome. But ROCK YOUR INNER PEACE! THIS IS NOT YOUR MOTHER’S LOTUS, BITCHES!
  2. Removable cups. I shopped for sportsbras yesterday and found they all had this bizarre “removable cup” feature. There are little pockets from which you can remove the padding that covers your funbags. Because so many times I have gone to the gym thinking “if only my boobs were smaller, hung lower and everyone could see my giant nipples.”
  3. Calculus.
  4. Removable cups. Seriously, am I that far out of…

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How Nothing About My Body Is On Fleek And Why I Don’t Give A Flying Fleek

Brickhouse on not giving a fleek


on-fleek-copy4Is it me or is the phrase, on fleek annoying as hell?  Have you heard it used before?  Perfectly groomed?  Exactly right? On point?  Pftttt!  Like we need another reason to feel self-conscious and critical about our bodies.  As hard as it is to admit that my body is anything but on fleek,  it’s high time I not give a flying fleek! .

Since eyebrows seem to be the most popular recipients of the on fleek definition, let’s start with my 52-year-old eyebrows.  These babies have witnessed a lot of drama over the years and quite honestly, are suffering from PTSD.   The number of times they’ve had to rise, furrow, lower and endure hair pulling when things got real, is absurd.  As a result, they are thinning, graying, tiring and more appropriately described as being,On Meek! 

If facial hair on women were ever to be hip, my mustache…

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Overgrown Insecurities

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She accepts the challenge.

The Angrivated Mom

Never did I imagine as a young teen that I would still be dealing with my insecurities well into my thirties still. Bright-eyed about the future with all my youthful naivety, adulthood seemed like a magical place where all my issues would disappear with instant maturity.  

When I thought about what it would be like to be a mother back then, I imagined myself being a responsible and level-headed, calm and collected photocopy of any late eighties and early nineties family sitcom mom. Never did I consider the possibility that emotional growth wouldn’t just happen the same way my body grew and changed overnight with puberty.

Here I am, over fifteen years later, and I am still struggling to get a grip, fed up with the insecurities consuming my mind.

Growing up, I had the stereotypical child of an alcoholic thing going on. My father was a police officer…

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Book Nerd: One Man Guy & Alex As Well

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The Nerd shares some book finds for YA readers dealing with LGBTQ life.

Nerd in the Brain

Book Nerd: One Man Guy & Alex As Well | Nerd in the Brain

Our journey through the Union County Public Library’s list of young adult LGBTQ fiction continues!

Book Break

The next book on our list is One Man Guy* by Michael Barakiva.

Book Nerd: One Man Guy | Nerd in the Brain

Summer school, a cute boy, and overbearing Armenian parents―what’s a guy to do?

Alek Khederian was looking forward to a relaxing summer. But when his parents announce that he’ll be attending summer school in order to bring up his grades, Alek is sure this experience will be just as hellish as his freshman year of high school. But he never could’ve predicted that he’d meet someone like Ethan.

Ethan is everything Alek wishes he were: confident, free-spirited, and irreverent. When Ethan gets Alek to cut school and go to a Rufus Wainwright concert in New York City’s Central Park, Alek embarks on his first adventure outside the confines of his suburban New Jersey existence. He can’t believe a guy this cool…

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I Write To Fight Stigma

Stigma must be fought – yes

Unlearning Schizophrenia

All of a sudden, I’m nervous that I’m “talking about myself too much.”  I share my story, I offer my opinions, I write about how I’m optimistic about my future… So am I being selfish here?  I hope not.  I guess I just share myself because I want to make a positive difference in this world.  I want to uplift the people I encounter, and help there to be perhaps one more little ray of sunshine out there.  Earth needs them.

With that being said, I’ll share my musings for the day.


I like the prospect of earning supplemental income as a freelance writer, but it’s also a lot of hustle.  And hustle is tiring!  I’m realizing over the months, that I like writing because it is a way for me to express my inner musings.  A way for me to share my personal self with the world.  And as people read…

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Mental Illness Has Impacted My Transgender Identity

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Sam writes with serious clarity on mental illness and trans identity.

Let's Queer Things Up!

Once upon a time, I wrote an article about how I wasn’t completely happy with my hormonal transition. Unsurprisingly, I got a lot of shit for it – because dog forbid I have complicated feelings about my body completely changing.

One commenter, I guess in an attempt to insult me, told me to get a therapist and that I was INSANE (emphasis theirs). What they didn’t realize was that they were correct about one thing – my feelings about my transition were absolutely informed by mental illness.

Frankly, I’m annoyed with neurotypical trans people judging my experience of transition – because comparing our experiences completely ignores the reality that I struggle in a way they never will.

What I didn’t mention in that article is that I was diagnosed with OCD after a spiral of obsession that all but drove me to the edge. And what was I obsessing…

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Real You – Natasha Alexander

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Nicole brings the powerful voice of Natasha

The Lithium Chronicles


Real You

I opened my door of secrets
I blindly let you swim in my feelings
Never once did I think
you would drown me in your own egotism

I took you to my true self…
a place I fear to go
I trusted you
I let you in
But letting you in never meant you were planning to stay.

You played the part of the Knight,
the one you knew I was searching for
You made me believe you were here for me
…here to stay
You made me believe this bullshit was love.

Then, without a trace of humanity
you one day remove your mask,
and all I see is an impassive face
resonating words
a vacant heart
and inflexible soul
All I see is YOU.

As I close my book
I leave another tear on my pillow
I send my love to the masked man
The one…

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Ture friendship!


Please welcome me (Hasty) to #BeREALationships.🙂


Relationships aren’t something I think people get right or wrong. They just ARE whatever they are. A relationship can last a lifetime but I believe many times they literally last a few short hours or even minutes. Did you make a connection? Then you formed a relationship.

re·la·tion·shipthe way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

I have had many relationships both successful and less successful. I refuse to think of any relationship as a failure because ultimately I gained wisdom from them. If I were to examine my strengths, one would be that I am forgiving. I have been told it can be a weakness. I am not convinced.

Like most humans I crave connection. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I love the internet for that…

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