A generalized bias of distrust is shown to make people more receptive to populist messages and conspiracy theories.

Many internet platforms and apps use embedded trackers to measure response to postings. That includes TikTok, and theirs are in many places where maybe they shouldn’t be.

Speaking of the social media boogieman of the hour, this piece argues that focusing on one app is being a substitute for passing real privacy protection laws.

This report finds that BMI (Body Mass Index) is not the best predictor of cardiac risk for overweight or obese people who already have heart issues.

Climate change reduced a major food source for bald eagles. Their search for other food got them to helping dairy farmers.


On The Daily from NYT, the discussion concerns a chapter in the Annual Economic Report Of The President about how the government, through policy and programs encourages and incentives behavior that is bad in view of the changing climate, and how it might change to do the opposite. Conclusion: It will be expensive, and socially and politically hard.

This is the chapter of the report they are talking about.

A judge has decided that Mark Meadows and others who were close to Trump around Jan6 cannot claim executive privilege to avoid testifying to the grand jury. This will, of course, be appealed, possibly all the way to SCOTUS.

The Governor of Kentucky (a Democrat) has vetoed a bill aimed at trans kids.

Surprise! Traffic noise can raise your blood pressure.

I wonder how much sense it makes to build land on sea coasts when the sea level is rising, but people have been doing it.

Featured on the Podcast Unraveled Influence

Tara is interviewed in a podcast.

Raw Earth Ink

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit in and chat with the podcast Unraveled Influence. We had a great conversation where we discussed writing, cannabis, the power of the word, and leaving a legacy. The guys even brought up some Bible talk, which is always interesting. Join Andy Morales, Leon Jones, and me for an hour and a half. Available on Audible, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube (link below), Apple podcast, and more.

Listen on YouTube.

Let me know in the comments if you get the opportunity to listen and chime in with your thoughts! ~tara

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