Weekend Coffee Share: July 23, 2016

The Nerd has been busy

Nerd in the Brain

coffee breakIf we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m making some big, big changes to the blog. (Of course, you may have already noticed that.) 😉 I’ve decided to go with a whole new look, but the content of the blog will (mostly) stay similar. Same ol’ Nerd in the Brain silliness with a look that I find much more appealing. I can’t help it y’all…I’m a shabby chic and antique lovin’ nerd, and the time has come to express that in a blogular fashion. 😉

In the process of changing the style and whatnot, I’ve managed to break quite a few things. (It is my way!) Please be patient with missing posts (which may never reappear, honestly), broken links, and general messiness until I get all of my ducks back into a fairly orderly row. Oh, my widgets are all a hot mess right now, too. *sigh*

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