Ani’s Advent – Inside out

Dog wisdom

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear Santa,

Just so you don’t think I’m throwing poems at you just to get presents, I thought I’d write you a proper letter. Mainly because I know you sort of know everything about everyone. So I thought you might be able to answer me something.

balls 011You’re not human, are you? I mean, that’s not the question, but I wouldn’t want to offend you, being so near to Christmas and all. You can’t be, because you are always smiling and human two-legses don’t smile that much. Well, why don’t they?

I know they are weird and all that… they have some really strange habits and even weirder ideas. They even think it is weird to be weird. You know, sort of different. Yet, you’re weird… and they love you! And get this… even the ones who don’t believe in you love you!

And me, a small dog, I’m supposed to…

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