On Cluster B – not confusing Psychopathy and Psychosis


Internet-Dating-psychoWhat’s it to me?

Since there is so much confusion between the word psychopathy and psychosis, I have always been a stickler for maintaining that distinction and reminding anyone who would listen that psychopaths are sane. Some people have called psychopathy “super sanity”* because of the rational clarity our detachment from emotion allows us.

schizophrenic_moment_186275I have seen quite a few schizophrenics. I was a patient in a mental institution for two years, between the ages of 13 and 15. There I had the opportunity to witness people who were raving lunatics. Years later, to fulfill a requirement for a college course, I volunteered at a half-way house for ex-mental patients. Most of them were schizophrenics. They were “sane,” probably due to medication, but I found them very flat, uninteresting. Is their treatment to blame?

laingcartoonI have read The Divided Self by R.D. Laing and Mary Barnes,

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