The Package

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Feeling a way through dark

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Maybe unwell describes me too mildly, sounds too pretty like a lie fluffed up, pretending to be a reality, and we know that’s not me. Let’s be honest and describe it more accurately. Throw out the pretty packaging that covers me, open that plain old box of truth and man, sometimes it’s ugly. Bat-shit crazy, go ahead and say it, off the fucking rocker mad, lost my shit, I’m no longer rocking, somewhere along the way time stood still, the lights went out and never came back. I lost track. Monday or Friday, it’s all the same to me. The sun threw a shadow to cover its eyes when I wished for the dark to teach me a lesson, and that’s the one wish that decided to come true, so I’m learning it. Feeling my way through the dark, thinking about wishing for amnesia to wipe away my thoughts before…

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