The Cognitive Tom Fuckery Behind Support for Kavanaugh

Calico Jack – What could they be thinking? Here are some clues.

The Psy of Life

After today’s very ugly display by the bullignorant (obvious to all) drunken (allegedly) rapist (allegedly) otherwise known as Brett Kavanaugh, it is unbelievable that anyone could still support his nomination, yet Repubes of every stripe do. Did you listen to the way he talked, shouted, and screamed? Was he drunk? I haven’t seen every minute of his testimony, but in what I have seen, he seemed drunk to me. The only thing missing was slurring his words and wobbly balance. Maybe he’s a dry drunk. Gawd that’s the only “positive” explanation to be plausible. What a comment on his nomination.

I had wanted to write a post about the various psychological reasons Repubes support such an oblivious anus, but events both personal and public got in the way. Now, all I want to do is join the growing chorus of WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?

Seriously, Senate Majority Leader Mitch…

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