The Three Psychological Tendencies that the GOP Cynically Exploited to Bolster Support for Kavanaugh and Demean Dr. Ford

Calico Jack – How they did it

The Psy of Life

There are three psychological phenomena from the Boof K (that’s Ye Olde Blogge’s quaint nickname for the raspcallious erstwhile (allegedly) plausible rapist, Brett Kavanaugh) hearings that will help us understand our particular peculiar political predicament and the way that politicians use them to manipulate the electorate and party faithful. Repubes seem to specialize in exploiting our psychological weaknesses in an especially cynical and sinister way.

Here’s an interesting illustrative example of the cynical and sinister nature of Repube psychological manipulation. Steven King (R – Detention Camps) represents Iowa dairy country among other agricultural industries. The agricultural industry is subsidized by the US government in direct and indirect ways, and I’m sure Rep. King plays a pivotal role in supplying those subsidies. One direct subsidy is the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s budget busting, toxic-trade war insulating farming subsidies… or corporate welfare for corporate farms. For example, Senator Chuck Grassley (R – High…

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