Don’t call yourself pro-life (updated)

LuckyOtter – “Pro-Life”? – not really

Lucky Otters Haven

I originally wrote this post on October 2, 2017, more than a year ago. It was the day after the tragic Las Vegas shootings.   I really can’t believe that happened over a year ago.  It seems like it was yesterday, but now that we’re living in Trump time, time itself has a way of seeming frighteningly slowed down or speeded up.   In fact, everything seems pretty strange and definitely not normal.   In the two years since Trump was elected, I feel like I’ve aged about ten.

So, here is that post again, with some additions, since so much has happened in a year (way too much to keep up with!).


Don’t even think about calling yourself pro-life if…

  • You support taking health insurance away from low income, sick, and disabled people.
  • You support abolishing or cutting Medicaid (which covers HALF of all pregnant women and 45 million children).
  • You  support…

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