Big Dreams

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Progress and appreciation

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Hello, Loves!

The words you see on this page, the passion I put into each one, and the passion I put into Raging Rhetoric as well: this is my dream. Always has been. Since before I can even remember, these words have been spinning around, simmering for a place to plant themselves and call it home. I’m not quite there yet, but it feels like this is home sometimes. Me and my big dreams. I never was able to dream small. I’m usually the one standing back in the shadows, observing someone else chasing dreams. I’ve never really been that brave person who basks in the spotlight of much. But I have been trying different things this year to overcome certain fears, stepping away from my comfort zone. I have done a few things in the past year, behind the scenes, that I haven’t talked about yet. But when I…

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