The Space Between

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – In the middle

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Somewhere in the space between where my right mind lingers and my wrong mind dives, there’s a place that is nothing other than a daze of blank pages. And it is there where everything is empty. Everything is empty. And sometimes that’s worse than the dark when everything slopes down into the lowest of lows and sometimes it’s worse than when everything is spinning into the highest of highs. Because it’s just nothing. And even though it’s nothing, it hurts like the sky fell down. It hurts like I carry it always. It hurts like I do not know how to put it down. And trust me when I say…. it hurts like it’s only me who can save me, knowing I cannot save me. Somewhere between my right mind and my wrong mind.. there’s a space that is so empty, it’s the heaviest thing in the world. But I…

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