72 Hour Hold – Robert G. Wertzler

My response to the Writing Prompt, 72 Hour Hold

Brave & Reckless

Dragged from sleep by Pager’s cry
Service says call the ER
They’ve got one for you
Call ER – familiar name
Medically cleared
Go, meet, talk
Ask the questions
Thought, Plan, Means, Intent
Try for a Safe Plan
Try some more., and more
No way
Wishing for a Patient Advocate
Someone to argue the other side
None here – wear both hats
Prosecution and Defense
No, three, Judge too
Serve the Law to serve the person
The Blindfolded Lady puts
Her balance in your hands
It is heavy, very heavy
Translate what the gut says
What the heart hears
Clarify words, deeds, evidence
Make the case – freedom versus risk
Call the Shrink – Staff it
Decision made
Do the paperwork
Call the Unit
Call for transport
Make copies
Wait – sit with The Patient
I know you don’t want to go
I know that place scares you
And we…

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