Sharing Our Truths: Does Lockdown Make the Heart Grow Fonder? – Richeldis

Richeldis – Memories and lockdown

Brave & Reckless

Ever since the lockdown began the sky has been unendingly blue. Yesterday the cherry trees in front of the flat across the street started releasing their blossom, scattering it across cars which are no longer driven.

Being in quarantine is like being stuck in a too-hot bed on the edge of waking. Uncomfortable and claustrophobic, as well as having a sense of unreality; like half-dreaming, again and again, that you’ve got up and gone outside, before realising you can’t.

Putting aside the death, the fear, the social division, I am being felled by the most banal feature of the pandemic; being confined to my flat. The strange thing is, I’m not a particularly adventurous or active person. I struggle to think of interesting things to say when my co-workers ask how my weekend has been. The things which felt like markers of my boring life; the sedate walks through the…

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