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Calico Jack has an announcement about Call Your MOC.

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

I love the Call Your MoC series. I love the idea of calling your MoC every week and keeping a running list of legislation that you are concerned about. It is part of being a responsible member of the electorate and participating in our democracy. It is one of the big pieces of the Great Civics Lesson that we are all enduring.

Here’s the but: it takes up too much space! I figured I could highlight five pieces of legislation every week and devote my Sundays to writing them up (more about that later). At first, I tried including them all in one post, but that produced a huge humongous very long post that discouraged people from reading it.

Then, I started making each of the targeted pieces of legislation their own individual blog post. It made nice bite-sized posts that could be quickly…

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