Get out the Vote: Send Postcards to Swing States

Calico Jack shares the Postcards To Swing States plan.

The Psy of Life

The election in November is going to be won by getting out the vote. It is crucial that we all go out and vote. Traditional campaigns always include a component that focuses on getting their voters to the polls which means getting people registered, pumping up enthusiasm, and, then, literally, getting them physically to the polls. As you know, #COVID19 has pretty much shot that model all to Hello Kitty! Now, we get the new plan: Send Postcards to Swing State Voters! Sounds like fun, right!

Aside: You should also make sure you are all set up to vote by using the League of Women Voters snazzy website, VOTE411 to make sure you are registered, haven’t been purged, find your polling place, and find out what is on your ballot.

Help save democracy by hand writing postcards to voters in ten critical states…

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