On Tyranny: Eight Lessons for Resisting the Fascisting of America

Calico Jack – How to Resist

The Psy of Life

The other day or was it last week? I don’t know, the days and weeks all seem to blur together into one long run-on nightmare in the #GOPDystopia of fascism, incompetence, and fantasy-make-believe world, which is engorging like a seedy 70 year-old’s erection at a Bangkok hostess bar after dropping two Viagra before leaving the hotel room. It just seems to be more inflamed by the minute. Anywho. Sometime in the recent past, I saw Rachel Maddow pimp Timothy Snyder‘sOn Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century,when she interviewed him about the paramilitary forces the Ol’ Pussy Grabber had deployed to Portland. Between the book and the interview there are many lessons to be learned, and I’ve written four blog posts to learn ’em! Be sure to check out the other three:

  1. On Tyranny Or How to Tell…

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