What Can I Do? Five Things White People can do to End Racism

Calico Jack – Getting un-, or at least significantly less, racist.

The Psy of Life

What can I do? I am only one person. What can I do to end racism, especially systemic racism?

Good question that no one has asked me since I postedEditorial: Whiny White Supremacists and Their Need for a Country, Culture, Celebration of THEM! But, I’ve got an answer, anywho, but this time without so much snarky, sarcasticky, profaney goodness because sometimes that shit just mucks up your message.

Because I am autistic and trained in mental health and widely read in psychology and its applications to every day life, I rely a lot on introspection and personal experience, especially in how we raise our consciousnesses concerning racism and changing our behaviors. So, expect the rest of this to be personal — about me and asking it of you as well. Feel free to respond in the comments or to email me. I’m happy to work through what ever comes…

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