St. Lucy’s Home For Girls Raised By Wolves – Robert G. Wertzler

When people name things after you

Brave & Reckless

Saint Lucy, Santa Lucia, more properly, has trouble sometimes keeping track of all the places and institutions named after her. She’s not alone in that, of course, among the saints, Christian and otherwise, given the popularity among mortals of doing that even when the naming has little to do with the stories of the saints themselves. She’s reflected, in recent years that it is rather like “Likes” on social media. Naturally, those among the ranks of the Canonized are not supposed to be so worldly as to indulge in Pride or Jealousy about such things, but there are those whose characters fall a bit short of the reputations that got them there. She had been a little bewildered at first when the home for girls raised by wolves had been named for her, wolves, literal ones anyway, not having had a role in her story. But, the town was named…

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