The Dark Chrysalis – Robert G. Wertzler

Something dark, but what?

Brave & Reckless

Black it was, blacker than black
A black that seemed to suck light
Out of everything around it
That seemed to eat light
So far black it was hard
To see any details on it
A black uncomfortable
To be near, frightening
In its embodiment of void
Of bottomless abyss
It had not completely defeated
The high tech scans
They were indistinct, not giving
Their usual fine detail, but
Showed enough to reveal
Something alive inside
Growing and changing
In metamorphosis
Opinions what to do with it differed
Kill it, but how?
Launch it back to the depths
Of space between the stars
Freeze it and open it and
Study the creature within
Let it mature and emerge
And find a use for it.
While they debated, the thing
Inside continued to become
And was aware of them
And making plans
Plans darker than its
Dark chrysalis shell

Bob Wertzler…

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