The Marshall Fire Tragedy and How You Can Help

Susie Lindau describes the catastrophic fires in Colorado (she is not in the fire area, but close), and tips if you wan to help the victims.

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

For those of you who know I live in Boulder County, I am safe and sound. Thank you to those who reached out. I appreciate your concern. I’ve been concerned.

Since I’m in the mountains, these pictures are from other fires.

On fire in Colorado - a bright orange sunset in Boulder county

When checking out Twitter yesterday, I was alarmed when Boulder was trending. The Middle Fork Fire was located directly across the valley from our neighborhood. Since high winds were reported, I frantically scrolled to find up-to-the-second information.

By then, the Marshall Fire had exploded in a high-density neighborhood. 110 MPH winds blew down power lines. Subsequent sparks caused the inferno that engulfed Superior and Louisville south of Boulder. Reporters said that grassfires swept across dry fields at one hundred yards every ten seconds. Think about that…

Since I was in the mountains, I called a neighbor to find out if our neighborhood was safe. I wondered how long it…

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