Don’t Tell Me I’m Not Woman – Kindra M. Austin

Don’t tell me

Brave & Reckless

Within my womb cells divide,
and fuse.
Brain grows. Heart grows.
Lungs grow.
Eyes, ears, mouth, and nerves
all form inside my sacred space.
Man is formed in womankind.
Are you not my child?
Did you not thrive
at my breast?

Ain’t I a woman?
Surely Jesus hears my woes.
Ain’t I a woman, daughter of Eve?
wasn’t a white man with
bright blue eyes.
Ain’t I a woman, one of His flock?

Don’t dare tell me I am not Woman.

I am Woman.

I am Woman.

I am Woman.

Kindra M. Austin is an author, editor, and micro-publisher from Chesaning, Michigan, USA. Her debut novel was published in April, 2017. To date, Austin has published two poetry books (Constant Muses, and TWELVE, rated five stars by Readers’ Favorite), a novel (Magpie in August), and one novella (For You, Rowena). She is currently working on a second novel (Royce…

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