This 4 April, in Remembrance of MLK, Resolve to use Nonviolence

Calico Jack reminds us of an anniversary and a cause.

The Psy of Life

Times have gotten harrowing again. It seems like we’ve lived through the high water mark of peace and prosperity, and now we’re heading to some real sturm und drang. Not just domestically, but in international affairs, as well.

We’ve got open talk of insurrection and sedition at home by those on the right here at home and authoritarian movements weakening our closest allies. The other leading democracy, the UK, got itself taken off the table when the Russian disinformation campaign got Brexit passed and installed BoJo the Clown as PM. And, the Land Down Under, another close allie and leading democracy, is wobbling under the ineffective and tone deaf administration the Scott Morrison.

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber did enough damage to NATO to embolden Putin to try and bludgeon Ukraine. Xi in China may like what he sees so much he grabs for Taiwan or the South China Sea.


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