What Was That? The Case of the Disappearing Kidney Stone, Shaggy Dog, ed.

Calico Jack – Kidney stones suck

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

You know how they say that the third time is the charm. I always associated that with baseball and three strikes and you’re out! But that don’t make no sense, so it is just weird association. That begs the question, why is the third time the charm?

Is it because first time worst time? But what about the second time? When it’s me, especially with anything procedural, like finding some place — I get lost easily, no sense of direction — the second time is always an unmitigated disaster. There is a corollary, too: the better it went the first time, the worse it is the second time. I always figured that was because the second time, I was cocky. Hunh, I did it once. Now, it’s easy.

Regular readers might recall that I had a kidney stone plucked from…

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